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What Wouldn't Jesus Do?

Detracting from his previous format of animation, McGruder brings his new creation to life as a live-action sitcom, introducing Gerald “Slink” Johnson in the role of “Jesus”, living in present day Compton, CA on a daily mission to spread love and kindness throughout the neighborhood with the help of his small but loyal group of downtrodden followers. 795 more words


"Black Jesus": Bless McGruder's Heart

I recently watched Aaron McGruder’s controversial sitcom, Black Jesus. Lawd have mercy. If folks found his Boondocks blasphemously outrageous, then Black Jesus will undoubtedly be–& I say this in the spirit of Black folks who repeat words to emphasize truth– 987 more words

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Thank God for "Black Jesus" on Adult Swim!

In case you don’t know about it the Cartoon Network is airing an irreverent 30-minute live-action comedy on late night Thursday called Black Jesus on… 1,413 more words

(Hy)Lights #27: Black JESUS (First Impressions)

Yes, the title says it right.

When first hearing about this project, I was a bit skeptical at first being that this is the first live-action project from Aaron McGruder, the creator of… 583 more words


The Top 5 Timeline:: The Power Of Make-Up, Uncle Ruckus Goes Off & More

Hey folks! Welcome back to another edition of The Top 5 Timeline taken over by me, Roderick! Ivy is still on vacation so I got you! 212 more words

Top 5 Timeline

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My Thoughts on New Television Shows Partners and Black Jesus coming this week!

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10 Things People Need to Be Protesting Instead of Adult Swim's Black Jesus

This blog post is mostly in response to this.

I’ve noticed something recently. What I noticed was the lack of boycotts and protests from people about important things. 1,119 more words