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Most people who know me, know that I kinda, sorta like movies. :)

I can usually find some (even minor) redeeming factor in most movies, but while searching for a movie to review for Summer Shitfest I was totally stumped as to what to review because it’s very hard for me to rewatch a movie that I thought was so horrendous that I would deem it Shitfest worthy. 506 more words


Exodus: Gods and Kings

Hello Guys! I’m proud to work on the next Ridley Scott movie: Exodus: Gods and kings
I always liked his work and Gladiator is one of my favorite movies ever! 6 more words

Why Do Certain Actors on Ensemble Shows Stand Out for Emmy Nominations?

Robert Altman would be proud. His signature ensemble filmmaking style has become the norm rather than the exception in dramatic series. However magnetic the leads, they’re invariably surrounded by distinctive character players who get multiple chances to shine across a typical season. 582 more words


Watch: Breaking Bad's Aaron Paul On The Price Is Right As A Contestant

You might know Aaron Paul as Jessie Pinkman from the hit show “Breaking Bad” on AMC. But long before he was Walter White’s partner he was a contestant on “The Price Is Right” and apparently Bob Barker is his idol!

Check out the video below


Josh Wiggins and Kat Candler Prove He's Only An Onscreen HELLION

If there were any doubts on my part about how talented an actor Josh Wiggins is, and there weren’t many after seeing his powerful performance in HELLION, they disappeared when I met the first-time actor. 254 more words


Need for Speed: O Filme


Palavra forte?! Talvez, mas é o que senti. Após de tantos anos a acompanhar a saga Need for Speed em formato jogo, tantas horas de vício e de imersão nas corridas e transformação de carros, o filme com extensas 2h e 10 min parece mais um teste de resistência ao telespectador. 412 more words


Fork In The Road

Before going on with the meat of this week’s entry, I’d like to extend my condolences to Frankie Grande and Derrick Levasseur, as they have each lost grandfathers this week past. 798 more words