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I’d missed the theatrical run of Godzilla, although I was pumped to see it, because it was (believe it not) the sophomore film by indie director Gareth Edwards. 955 more words


Anna Karenina (archive)

Visit my old Critically Blonde blog to view my film review of Anna Karenina from July 2012.


Review: Godzilla (2014)

I didn’t like my first attempt at reviewing Gareth Edwards’ Godzilla, it was too much of a rant for my tastes, so I took the time to watch the film again. 783 more words


Review: Kick Ass 2

New York gets a second dose of teenage superhero carnage, this time boasting even more controversy and violence but also a wicked social commentary.

Set some years after the first film, Dave “Kick-Ass” Lizewski finds himself out of shape and out of the crime fighting limelight, while Mindy, aka Hit Girl, is trying to let go of her heroic persona and live a normal life. 364 more words



Rated: PG-13

Civilization is threatened by a pair of ancient monsters who seem hell-bent on destroying everything.  Our only hope is a different ancient monster who exists to keep the other monsters under control. 236 more words


Room For A Celeb Outfit:

Throughout the world, movies are preferred to be the best source to get knowledge about present fashion life. And by that it becomes the desire of people to trend themselves just the way they saw in the movie. 243 more words