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I finally got around to watching the latest Godzilla movie. It’s far better than the 1998 version, despite containing one hundred percent less Jean Reno. I could say that the 2014 film was worth watching and leave it there, but you know me better than that. 450 more words



Fabrizio del Wrongo writes:

The disaster film — which I think includes the giant monster film — has long been a venue for plots that encompass multiple characters, motives, and locations. 1,104 more words


Up from the depths, 30 stories high…

The year is 1998, and the world has been brought to a frothy excitement with a slew of gripping teaser trailers for Roland Emmerich & Dean Devlin’s follow up to their smash hit Independence Day, the king of monsters heads to the land of apple pie and line dancing, but this giant lizard ain’t interested in sightseeing, he’s here to smash the place up. 724 more words

Aaron Taylor-Johnson

Godzilla (2014)

“GODZILLA!!!” *read in unbelievably racist accent*

Aaron Taylor-Johnson , AKA Kick Ass, is probably the lead of this film, unfortunately he’s even above actual Godzilla in terms of on screen time. 277 more words


The Gorehound Gets Excited for Godzilla

Coming off a complete binge of horror movies during the month-long celebration of everything ghoulish and ghastly, the film freak we love who fantasizes over gore returns with an exquisite creature feature (that surprisingly brought tears to his eyes), the 2014 release of… 553 more words

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