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The Pursuit of Truth, a New Chicago Coalition

The following is a message from Diana Vallera, president of P-Fac, the Part-Time Faculty union at Columbia College Chicago, and a member of the Illinois AAUP State Council: 222 more words


AAUP Response to "Open Letter to Barbara Bowen"

Yesterday a guest blogger posted to this site an “Open Letter to Professional Staff Congress (CUNY) President Barbara Bowen.”  The leadership of the AAUP has authorized the posting of the following response to that posting: 169 more words


The Looming Crisis in Higher Education

The “real problem” behind the exploitation of adjunct faculty is quite obvious: universities have continued to produce a reasonable number of Ph.D.’s but no longer are willing to hire a reasonable number of them into full-time, never mind tenure-track, positions. 869 more words


FIRE Files Four Free Speech Lawsuits

Yesterday, the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE) filed four lawsuits charging that three state universities and one community college maintain unconstitutional speech codes and have restricted the free speech of students and faculty members.  1,800 more words


Northern New Mexico Faculty Draft Letter to American Association of University Professors

Ralph Chapoco

Rio Grande Sun

June 26, 2014

The Faculty Senate at Northern New Mexico College drafted a letter to the American Association of University Professors, an advocacy group that represents university faculty interests.  604 more words

The Business Model is a Community Affair

You hear the one about the new business model? Two guys walk into a bar. The first one says, I have a new idea for a business model: the bartender should pay for the dissemination of the drinks. 1,254 more words

Business Models

“A Climate of Oppression and Fear of Reprisals”

The LDS excommunication of Kate Kelly this week and the threatened disciplinary actions against others thought to be insufficiently orthodox has reminded me, as it has others, of actions taken against several of my BYU colleagues in the mid 1990s. 551 more words