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"The AAUP's Ludicrous Declaration"

In 1916, the New York Times denounced the newly-formed AAUP’s Declaration of Principles in an editorial that defined “Academic freedom” as “the inalienable right of every college instructor to make a fool of himself and of his college by…intemperate, sensational prattle about every subject under heaven, to his classes and to the public…” (Actually, that’s a pretty good definition of academic freedom.) 939 more words


When an Instructor Authors Odious Facebook Comments and Resigns, Is Academic Freedom Involved?

And what about one who moves a trashcan (for whatever reason)… should that instructor be fired?

This has not been a good week on the academic-freedom front. 934 more words

Academic Freedom

The Ideal of the American University: A Primer (Part 2)

“It need scarcely be pointed out that the freedom which is the subject of this report is that of the teacher,” says the 1915 Declaration of Principles on Academic Freedom and Academic Freedom. 782 more words


From Great Universities to "Knowledge Factories": Another American Institution in Decline

Thomas Frank, perhaps best known for What’s the Matter with Kansas?, an examination of America’s new conservatism, has an article in Salon, “The New Republic, the torture report, and the TED talks geniuses who gutted journalism.” Toward the end, he writes this: 649 more words


Is the AAUP Hypocritical on FOIA Requests?

Walter Olson at Overlawyered (and reprinted at Minding the Campus) argues that the AAUP is hypocritical and left-wing in its approach to Freedom of Information Act requests. 537 more words


Board Committee Meeting video: December 9

Ouch. Vice Chancellor Jo-Carol Fabianke really takes it on the chin for the Chancellor. And the Chancellor really takes it on the chin from Trustee Alderete. 28 more words



Our colleagues at PAC AAUP are on a roll! We’ve received permission to republish their latest email sent to PAC AAUP members and friends of PAC AAUP: 968 more words