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The Kids Who Don’t Beat Autism - NYTimes.com

But that’s the problem with this whole autism business; we want precisely what is not available to us — something definitive, like a cause, a cure.

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Be Present.

A friend of mine sent me this article in the Sunday New York Times magazine. I took some time to absorb it and I will probably refer to it from time to time—like rereading a beloved novel. 70 more words

For You

Show me Show me Show me How you do that trick- Autism and Learning

This is part one of an ongoing series about teaching my autistic sons using hands on/concrete/visual work as the backbone of our learning. It may be useful to others who have an interest in teaching autistic children. 953 more words


Webinar: Accessible Routes 8/7

The ADA National Network and the Access Board offer a webinar Accessible Routes, August 7th, 2:30-4pm ET. The session will feature an advanced level discussion of the requirements for accessible routes in the ADA and ABA Accessibility Standards. 75 more words


Short and successful.

Despite the title, this is actually going to be a relatively long blog post!

I was thinking about the way I wanted to approach this blog, and as with everything I do, I’m sure it will change over time, but I thought a good way to go was to link a lesson/concept learned during my work, with a story as an example. 1,278 more words

Applied Behavior Analysis

Furthur nuances of ABA-based therapies

I’ve been seeing a lot of discussion online lately about ABA-based therapies.*

Can these therapies ever be done right? How can you tell when a therapy is damaging even though it is play-based, uses no aversives, and doesn’t seem unpleasant for the child undergoing it? 1,024 more words