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Abandoned, but not overlooked - St. Paul charts course on vacant buildings

Located across the street from a swanky batch of condominiums, a Como neighborhood house stands silent. Vacant since November 2001, paint flakes from its exterior, bordered on all sides by the gnarly limbs of overgrown bushes. 1,181 more words

Layers peeled away

The inside of this place is in much worse shape than the outside. For one thing, most of the windows are broken, so moisture and animals have free access. 56 more words


Collapsing the sky / closing the building: some thoughts on the unbecoming of places

Yesterday afternoon, at 4pm, at the moment that Matthew Flintham was searching in Newcastle for ways to materialise the UK’s militarised airspaces, thousands suddenly found themselves stuck to the ground, as the virtual-but-real commercial transit spaces normally mapped out across the sky by the UK’s National Air Traffic Service’s mainframe disappeared. 1,482 more words

Meaning Making

Kalamazoo Asylum for the Insane

After my fantastic visit to Wittenberg University I drove up to Kalamazoo, Michigan to visit my great friend Ken Schaefer.  We were taking a tour of Western Michigan University, where he works, and I looked to the south and saw… 60 more words

Jon Crispin

The line beyond

This is my country place.

Or, it’s a hut that happened to be already there when I bought the land. One of these days – sooner, rather than later, I’d say – it’s going to fall down. 85 more words



One last look at the abandoned hotel I found while exploring Desert Shores. The thing about the Salton Sea is that, if you ever do visit, you’re going to find yourself longing for a time machine. 13 more words