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Abandoned Buildings and Self Discovery

I’ve had a few homes in my life time but not in the traditional sense of a house with a white picket fence out front. No, I’m talking about places. 477 more words


Take Me to Your Realtor

Boy and I stopped in Hammett, Idaho this weekend to look at a historic schoolhouse.  It’s for sale.  I think I should buy it.  6,800 sf. 1,250 more words

Home Sweet Home

Oddities In Abandonment

(Image from: http://www.abandonedok.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=35&t=1465)

I lived in Oklahoma for 8 years, from age 16 to 24. During my time there I came across all types of interesting places (which was one of the only things that made it tolerable to be there) but one of the oddest places I explored was an abandoned school in the ghost town of Avery, Oklahoma. 1,060 more words


Varying materials

There’s a lot going on with this place. The one open window, the three boarded-up ones. The bigger openings of different heights. The adobe blocks peeking through the stucco. 24 more words


Abandoned Carpark

When I visited this abandoned building on Wolfe Street, Auckland it was a sunny day, but there were puddles and leaks, homeless inhabiting the top stories meant that I didn’t want to investigate what kind of liquid was raining from the ceilings. 99 more words


Always Have Your Wingman

The bolted front door was unlocked by a facilities manager who walked around the first floor with me while telling a tale of WW I amputees, an excess of removed limbs and something about the basement and a concrete burial. 218 more words

General Stuff

Deadly fire prompts Moncton firefighters to monitor abandoned buildings in city

MONCTON – Eight months after a man was killed in a fire at a vacant building in downtown Moncton, fire officials say they are focusing on monitoring abandoned buildings in the city. 495 more words