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The Ghosts of our Past

I couldn’t help but take a closer look and snap a few photos when we walked past this abandoned house/cabin… full of stories, secrets, lives led.   6 more words


Three flavors

Beats me. Maybe in the summer this car serves as an ice cream stand?

When I go someplace like Dime Box, where I’ve never been before, I have the feeling that everything has looked just the way I saw it approximately forever. 67 more words


Unexpected beauty

We find beauty in the most unexpected places. The twisted, curly branches of this bush brings beauty to the old abandoned shed.



In need of a good new home

A set of doors offered for sale at Scott’s Antique Market in Atlanta, Georgia / Julie Cook / 2014


Store front

The leftover window display of an abandoned store. It’s looks as if the chair is waiting to be sat in and the books are longing to be read.




Left behind: flouncy curtains in a wood-paneled room.

Left behind: dreams that didn’t survive reality.

Pep, Texas
photographed 2.16.2014