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For reasons that are both too lengthy and too personal to get into, I have a strong emotional attachment to this part of Lubbock County. And so, when there was a chance to purchase property on the very road where my attachment is strongest, of course we took it. 140 more words


Abandon - 5 Sentence Flash Fiction


He watched his girlfriend with her cameras shimmy under the fence of the empty theme park. The rain drummed on the roof of the car and he could’ve sworn he saw the arc of lightning over to the east. 51 more words


In the hope that you can see

“In the hope that you can see” is a wisp of a song that played while I was working on this image. It seemed to fit. 9 more words


In Defence of Ruinophilia

You climb the fence and enter the doorway, the threshold. Amidst the vibrant emptiness of the grey archways and collapsing floorboards, you look for any stable meaning to hold on to yet find none, so instead look for it in your projections of the future and the past. 1,950 more words



False faces

Propped up store fronts

Shadow goods piled high behind

Shiny windows welcoming shoppers

Elephantine condos blocking the river view

Try to enter but what is this? 39 more words


From Gizmodo: 'The Eerie Ruins Of 11 Abandoned Hotels'

Click through (just one photo apiece)

When I was about nineteen, or twenty, there was a farmhouse nearby that had been sitting vacant for a few years, ready to be demolished.  503 more words

Public Debate

Big Stick and Chelle's Kickstarter

When we are on our walks in the woods, Olive is in the habit of picking up a stick and dragging it back to the house.  80 more words

Jon Crispin