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Otherworldly and Abandoned Soviet Monuments

These sculptures and old buildings before the end of the Cold War era look futuristic and alien to western eyes. Some structures demonstrate the unequivocal military might of Russia, they have a real sense of enormity and scope. 172 more words


Scenic, officially

Sort of makes you wonder, doesn’t it, if the person in charge of sign placement really intended for this abandoned gas station to be the backdrop for a sign proclaiming the town as Officially Scenic. 17 more words


Haunting Photos of Nuclear Test Sites in Secret Soviet Cities

In their heyday, Semipalatinsk-16 and Moscow-10 weren’t represented on a map. There were no street signs to lead you there. And if you wanted to live there, the KGB had to approve your relocation with the proper security clearances. 270 more words


The ladies'

My favorite thing is the lettering on the door; I especially like the lilting curve of the word “ladies” and the intertwined Os in “room.” It’s a little hard to imagine that the owner of this place (a service station when it was new), ordered up something fancy for the door, but maybe that is what happened. 67 more words


9 of the Most Fascinating Abandoned Mansions from Around the World

There’s something particularly spectacular about witnessing the decay of a once-grand building. Lavish trappings fall into disrepair, once proud halls play host to insects and dust, and elegantly constructed architecture is exposed to time and the elements. 29 more words