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The Beatles (Abbey Road) Album Review

I didn’t get chance to review a album last week as I was busy visiting one of my friends in London. Whilst I was there I visited Abbey Road studios which has recorded many bands and out of it has helped create some of the best albums of all time. 863 more words

Hello, Welcome To My Average World

When you look at life sometimes you think to yourself “why did no-one tell me about this?”. Sometimes you wonder if they actually did and you were having one of those many moments where you really can’t be bothered to listen, but then most of the time you realize that YES we DO in fact have to work our lives out by ourselves. 62 more words


Tintern Abbey

3 Arches

Let there be light

Detail of stonework

Ruins of a stone vault

Inside Tintern Abbey

These Doors

Detail of stonework

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Four Fact Friday {11/21}

1).  I have a 19 month going on 19 year old!  For the last couple of days, she’s insisted on picking out her own clothes or accessories… isn’t it a little soon for that behavior?  306 more words

From Earth Apples by Edward Abbey

YES — even after my death
you shall not escape me
I’ll follow you
in the eyes of every hawk,
every falcon, vulture, eagle 99 more words