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Busy Phillips Shares Her Biggest Wardrobe Mishap

We’ve all experienced a wardrobe malfunction here and there, but for the stars the stakes are usually much higher. While a run in your tights might forever be uploaded to a friend’s Instagram account, for someone like Busy Phillips, it means the gaping holes in your designer dress may be witness by Oscar winners and captured by red carpet photographers. 267 more words


Limitless (DVD Screening)


Limitless is a film that I have been meaning to see for some time now, I missed its run in the cinema back in 2011 and there have simply been a lot of other titles that appealed to me more on DVD. 628 more words

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Casting Net: Ed Harris, Jim Sturgess, and more in talks for 'Geostorm'

• Ed Harris, Jim Sturgess, Abbie Cornish, and Andy Garcia are currently in negotiations to join the sci-fi adventure film Geostorm. Gerard Butler has already been tapped to star as a stubborn satellite designer who must work with his estranged brother to save the world after climate-controlling satellites malfunction. 637 more words


Robocop (1987) vs Robocop (2014)

I have written reviews for almost a thousand movies.  Whether I should be proud of that, or somewhat embarrassed is not entirely clear.  I mention it to provide some context.  1,884 more words


"Robocop" reboot surpasses original

I avoided the Robocop reboot when it appeared in theaters earlier this year. Most reboots in my experience fail to live up to the originals. But I was pleasantly surprised when I finally gave this movie a chance when I streamed it this weekend. 36 more words



I am reviewing the updated Robocop movie which is an excellent film. This movie has been released on blu ray and dvd quite recently in the UK and where as the original was more of a violent thriller, this movie is more of a science fiction film. 336 more words

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RoboCop (2014)
★★ / ★★★★

With four degree burns all over his body and a spine that is severed from the waist down, the possibility of Detective Alex Murphy (Joel Kinnaman) surviving the ordeal is, according to the specialists, highly unlikely. 632 more words

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