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Limitless - a masterpiece of hypothetical realism

Eddie Morra (Bradley Cooper), hideously behind on a book contract, is offered a drug that opens up the unused 80% of his brain. It turns him into a limitless genius, with all the wealth, fame, fortune and danger that such a transformation entails. 165 more words


Abbie Cornish editorials

Abbie has been busy with editorials in two recent publications and an oscars party shoot.

Porter Magazine:


'Robocop' - Film Thoughts/Review

UK Release: February 7th 2014

When it was announced way back in 2005 that ‘ROBOCOP’ was going to be remade, there was a lot of hostility online about the film. 956 more words

Part 14: Amend


“You don’t mean that.” I struggled to get the words out as I watched him through tear-stricken eyes. I leaned against the edge of the dresser for support since I could barely remain on my feet. 1,431 more words

Abbie Cornish

Part 13: Terminus


“What?!” I exclaimed. “What do you mean?” I was wide awake now that he had my full attention.

He sat still for a moment, and remained exasperatingly quiet. 1,536 more words

Abbie Cornish

Part 12: Let Me In


“So, is that it?” I asked. We were at my place and had been unpacking his stuff, which wasn’t much. In fact, it looked like we were going to be able to transfer all his things to my place in one move. 1,573 more words

Abbie Cornish

Part 11: Together


The thunder boomed fiercely outside as we sat in the prosaic Chinese restaurant for dinner. “I come here every so often. You’ll like it,” David said as he perused the menu. 1,572 more words

Abbie Cornish