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Drunk with mother, and other stuff

Getting drunk with one’s mother is not something that feature particularly high on anyone’s radar, I suppose, but now it did happen. I suppose that means that, as I wrote in my last post, that things have changed between us. 511 more words


Unable to build in xcode due to exit code 255

I had developed an app in xcode 4.6.3 around an year back. Due to some requirement I had to make changes to it but now when I tried to open xcode 4.6.3 on yosemite then it’s crashing and also the code is getting build in xcode 5 or 6. 978 more words

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A Child's Prayer

The other night at dinner our eldest daughter, Abbie, prayed this line as part of her dinner blessing-

“Help us to be proactive in loving our neighbors.” 214 more words


Abbie has a Bath

It does not happen very often, perhaps twice a year, but Abbie had a bath last weekend.  She always reminds me of a sheep while wet thanks to the crimp that appears in her coat. 35 more words


fall favorites

I’m turning my blog into a beauty/fashion/lifestyle blog and I’m pretty excited about it. my first post is fall favorites.
1. Z Palette I love the idea of depotted and organized makeup. 71 more words


Python Shapes on grid

Have to make a program that given the option to input square or circle, user inputs width and a center x,y coordinate.
What I don’t understand is how to write code for if there are two shapes on a plane and how to identify if one is inside the other… 25 more words

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