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Day 13 - Pancakes and Blue Jays

Up early to a chorus of crying cats – the best kind of alarm. Think my body clock has adjusted so I fell back to sleep and woke up again at 6am. 483 more words


Day 12 - Dragon boating and too many donuts

Started off the day with a balanced breakfast consisting of weetabix followed by two donuts after an eventful trip to Tim’s – “one box of assorted donuts, no Boston creams” apparently translates to “please can I have 12 Boston creams. 421 more words


Day 11 - Bees wax madness, poutine and the cinema

Field trip today to Artscape Youngplace, which is an old school on Shaw street that has been converted into a museum with a bit of studio space and a few offices. 585 more words


You can't beat a good workout...!

Abbie would like to report that the slightly cooler weather today meant that she (and the other Pooch Walkers) could get a good exercise session in. 19 more words


Day 10 - So I went to a press conference

I’ll skip the morning stuff today – think you all know enough about my breakfast, shower, subway routine by now.

So I went to a press conference today. 454 more words


Day 9 - AGO and tacos

The usual early morning – fun fun fun. Managed to get a seat on the subway at least so that was nice! This morning we did a bit more work on the masks we started on Monday. 345 more words


Day 8 - Bug room, dodgy improv and dragon boating

Breakfast, shower, bus to the station and then the subway to St George. Sorted, and arrived at the ROM museum early to be able to check kids in. 527 more words