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The Abbot and ISIS pantomime season.

This kind of attack in Australia was as predictable as night follows day. I imagine the industrial military complex mentality is the primary motive but Abbot has been itching to get involved in the ‘war on terror’ and he appears to have got his catalyst. 391 more words

Monstrous, mean and sneaky Abbott government delivers on message for Christmas.

It was the beginning of the festive season in Canberra and a small balding man with jug ears and bandy legs who walked uneasily as if he were carrying a pig under each arm strode towards the steps of parliament while appearing to address a claque of journalists who tottered after him, a tangle of cameras, blazing lights, some waving microphones disguised as woolly bed-socks, other offering phones with recording apps; phones so intelligent they outsmarted their owners. 1,179 more words

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Buddha Gives Best

(Written March 15th, 2014, in the Forest Temple, Thailand)

We were moved from the dormitory today. Apparently many Thai girls will be sleeping there starting tomorrow. 529 more words


What I didn't vote for

I saw something on my Facebook page yesterday that had me shaking my head and I commented (I know this is something I do) but I normally believe people have the right to vote for who they prefer, if the post annoys me I normally hide it rather than comment. 742 more words

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Bugger the barnacles! Abandon Ship now, Mr Abbott, before it's too late for all of us.

So you just told the crew that you might knock the barnacles off, Mr Prime Minister? Or should that be Cap’n Pugwash? Brilliant! We don’t know who writes your material, even though we taxpayers are paying a fortune in salaries and bonuses, but the latest metaphor takes the (ship’s) biscuit for black comedy. 875 more words

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Abbott government announces major cuts to ABC funding; lies about election promise.


Abbott and Turnbull collude to deny election promise.

“It is an absolute principle of democracy that governments should not and must not say one thing before an election and do the opposite afterwards.” 1,260 more words

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Alan Jones blows Abbott off on air over G20.

When Alan Jones blew off his old pal Tony Abbott on air this Monday, Sydney sat up and took notice. The relationship between the nation’s talkback… 1,470 more words

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