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A moment of silence to our PM pls.

That’s ice BTW, for you people going “WHAT IS THAT SHIZ”

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Texas Race Is Getting Nasty But I Dont Have Time For That...I'm In Love With Wendy Davis

Political junkies everywhere have their eye on the Texas gubernatorial race between rising Democratic star Wendy Davis and Texas Attorney General Gregg Abbott, the… 635 more words

'Psyche' says Abbott to retiree hopefuls

Prime Minister Tony Abbott has revealed a mastermind plan that will keep voters tied to the Liberal party until the reach the age of 70.  270 more words

Tony Abbott

Barry O'Shocker

What an absolute shocker.

This morning, Twitter was ablaze with shocked political nerds, all because of one man: Barry Robert O’Farrell. O’Farrell sensationally and surprisingly announced his resignation as Premier of New South Wales after giving evidence to the Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC). 365 more words

Abbott is Wong, Wong is Abbott.

I watch with due interest scenes from the latest Q & A, where Penny Wong talks about the Abbott Government constructing crises that don’t exist so the Liberal Party can claim “a budget emergency” to justify cut backs that don’t fit the Liberal agenda. 765 more words


Concerned about privatisation of unis?

Proposal appeared in the same report that suggested new fees on students and the ditching of goals to increase access to unis for disadvantaged students, although it hasn’t received much coverage yet (I’ll talk about it more when it does). 31 more words

Future of Biosimilar in the U.S. and Elsewhere in the World

Although the passage of the BPCIA of 2009 (in 2010) brings the U.S. in line with other jurisdictions that have similar laws, the U.S. biosimilar market is nonexistant compared to the… 301 more words