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Tony Abbott: 'Security may come before some freedoms'

Australian PM Tony Abbott says certain freedoms may have to be forfeited in the name of security, as he plans to remove his people’s human rights: 434 more words


Beheading the Labor Party

Rant by Emmjay

It was tense at the Pig’s Arms this week with the news that the AFP and NSW coppers had saved one or two of our random population from suffering the fate of those unfortunate and now deceased westerners in the wrong place at the wrong time – anywhere in the Middle East. 634 more words


"Beheading was not specifically mentioned in the one phone call between Barylei & Azzari

News Ltd’s Simon Benson “assumed” the plot involved beheadings. Here he is with his “Canberra source”:

The Chicken Little-in-Chief’s big beheading scare

Bob Ellis 20 September 2014, 4:00pm … 586 more words


Why Abbott needs to remind Australia of our proud multiculturalism.

It’s times like this when we need some of Keating’s passion for multiculturalism or at least his decency to recognise it. The terror threat looms and our fears grow, and we question what will become of us with this great new threat of terror. 518 more words


Cannabis trails focus on helping the terminally ill

The debate surrounding the legalisation of medical cannabis has been a hot topic recently. NSW announced that they will be going forward with clinical trials which will hopefully make the substance accessible to the terminally ill. 595 more words


A twenty minute of fame;"a beheading video" .

Don’t get me wrong, I would not welcome a beheading nor a shark attack or a Thai hoe attack. But the beat up about the first has now reached apocalyptical proportions. 361 more words

Gerard Oosterman