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Man in a hurry: Scott Morrison’s power grab putting off cabinet colleagues.

Man in a hurry: Scott Morrison’s power grab putting off cabinet…

An opinion piece after 54:47 poll disaster for Abbott, Hockey is done and dusted Turnbull is not liked by the Right so Scott Morrison has to be dealt with. 1,182 more words


Liberal Party corruption stench grows

“If there is seen to be any potential conflict with his former role as minister, then the government will take responsibility for ensuring that it is not in any way misused.

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UK has sent 750 people, USA 3000, Australia 0 looks like our approach to climate change. Not war however

Ebola crisis: AMA criticises Australia’s response to virus outbreak; West Africa cases exceed 10,000

The Federal Government’s response to the Ebola crisis has been chaotic, the Australian Medical Association (AMA) says. 487 more words


Scott Morrison/Tony Abbott conflict

Decisions on Ebola according to Scott Morrison are not the governments. The government  must be given the lead by health professionals before it can act. No special border protection measures are in place at air or seaports to the extent that they are in the USA. 135 more words


Progress despite the haters:

You will

What I’ve learned this week is that Labor leaders will always be more popular after their time in office. I think we’re already seeing this in the way that the public admire Gillard not very long after her opinion polls were as low as Gough’s. 437 more words