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Stuck on Gratitude

I got suddenly sick during our family visit to the States two days ago.

Which is where I’m writing this post from this very moment. 754 more words

Body Filled with Light

I was sick, so a woman, maybe my sister, handed me a cooking pot with a handle with yellowish light shining up out of it.   I was able to insert the pot into my chest, so I lit up my chest with the light coming out of the pot, then I pulled that out, and I inserted the pot into my abdomen, and the light lit up my body from that point upward. 90 more words


Sunshine On My Shoulder (Wing Patches) Makes Me Happy

The morning’s light builds heat in the goldenrod field, a thicket of last year’s woody stems and this year’s giant St. John’s wort, morning glory, and lanced leaf goldenrod flowers.   20 more words

Photographs And Memories

The mare that had no name

Her name is #21. She is sweet and gentle-natured, smart and very stoic. Yet there is something in her eyes that tells me she too is worried about her situation. 492 more words


'80s throwback abdominal anatomy

Note: A rough guide to the abdominal region, as it was taught to me. Obviously not every body is the same, and there’s some debate about what region(s) certain organs belong to. 93 more words


#Poem From Heartwood Well

Five hundred million years -
this earth-core clusters inwards
sucks me into a salty delirium

Continents shift, craze and fracture
Magma bursts through crust
An underground tideway… 33 more words



One part of my cancer I dislike the most, well apart from dying!

The build up of fluid in my abdomen (ascites). It builds up so much I look like I could be pregnant with twins, maybe even triplets! 140 more words