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Are You a Good Student or a Bad Student?

We like to have fun at 12South Pilates and don’t take our workouts too seriously. We are seriously working hard but that doesn’t mean there isn’t room for a little laughter and joking around, too. 514 more words

Pilates Musings

Workout - Day 24

Today is abs so while fairly low impact it was not the easiest in the world. 3 sets of 10 reps free frog sit-ups to full ROM, 3 sets of 6 reps leg raises controlled with arms racing to the ceiling, 3 sets of 8 reps yoga scissors, 3 sets of 8 reps standard crunch with pause at top, 3 sets of 8 reps bicycles slow motion with shoulders of ground, 3 sets of 30 sec elbow planks, 3 sets of 15 sec per side elbow side planks, finished with about 3 moon of stretching and relaxing focused on core. 85 more words


Abs, Abs, ABS!

“I want perfect abs for the summer”

One of the main wishes when people talk about their body’s, however, it’s not easy. Some people assume that cutting down to 200 calories a day will achieve this, where others knock out hundreds of sit ups a day in the hope to achieve some definition. 177 more words


Exactly what about your intentions out to be slimmer, less abdominal fat, lose belly fat or simply slim down?

To lower weight quickly produce almost all the diet plans. The question is to exactly what kind of weight loss, it is in standard diet plans to be slimmer. 59 more words

Lessons from Surgery: Part Two

It’s taken awhile for me to fully integrate what I’ve learned from my second surgery. On October 31, 2014, I had an open abdominal myomectomy to remove fibroid tumors that were causing me health problems. 900 more words


My top 5 abdominal exercises

Hanging leg raise – This is in my opinion the most effective exercise for the lower abdominals and really helps get that classic v line that everyone wants. 143 more words