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Day 29 – Unnoticed

Am I wasting my time paying attention to every little

detail about you when I receive back next to nothing?

Is there something I should be made aware of before… 156 more words

Day 28 – Black & White

What are you searching for? Curious about? In need of?

The thrill for excitement or comfort in stability?

A fun present or ideal future?

Love? Lust? 120 more words

Day 27 – The Kiss

She had more experience in the waiting game while I was an amateur

not sure of which rules to bend & what were “ok” to break. 266 more words

"The First Son of Earth"

This is an excerpt from a novella-in-progress titled “The First Son of Earth.”

The coarse wind ripped through his long hair while the calloused palm of his father took his shoulder and turned it with the will of a stronger man. 704 more words


Day 26 – Pretend

Living in the land of the make believe…

Two options I’m presented…

Capture attention by making them believe you or… Fail & they leave you. 199 more words

Day 25 - Competition

What’s the point of winning the race when the medal

means little in comparison to losing you?

We treat each argument like we’re curing an illness… 122 more words

Day 21 - Stop

Did you know back then you would be thinking about it now?

All those moments you didn’t savor what’s the flavor of them now?

It’s hard to keep the mouth quiet when the mind is so loud. 127 more words