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Cain's offering

How the story of Cain and Abel ends is well-known, but what about how it starts? And, even more importantly, why? Cain murders Abel because he is jealous that God has accepted Abel’s sacrifice and reject his. 743 more words


Abel complete collection

Here’s a complete collection of Abel games on the dreamcast.

T-44401M TANTEI SHINSHI DASH! 00/12/21
T-44403M TANTEI SHINSHI DASH! Limited Edition 00/12/21
T-44404M Exodus Guilty Neos 01/05/31… 206 more words


Tension Between Faith and Unbelief

Shortly after our first parents decided to walk their own road not taken, their two sons struck out on divergent paths.  Both lived in the same household.  1,028 more words


Genesis 4


People are so quick to forget God and sin again, and again, and yet again.

The fourth chapter in the first book of the Bible – and man sins, again.

1,506 more words

Reincarnation/Karma/Talents (1)

You have no doubt often heard anthroposophists say when they meet a good arithmetician: “In his previous incarnation this man was a good arithmetician!” Unfortunately, many undeveloped anthroposophists string together links of reincarnation in such a way that it is thought possible to find the earlier incarnation because the present gifts must have existed in the preceding incarnation or in many previous incarnations. 301 more words


He was Wild and Fierce

Ah, he was always laughing and it infuriated me, he didn’t care it seemed about anything other than hunting and fishing and his damn goats, I could never get him to help with the wheat more than an hour. 760 more words

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