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Post 25 - Emotions of the Brand - Nostalgia

Everyone experiences nostalgia at least once in a while. Something just really triggers it in your head and you start to remember things from a while ago, lots of times from when you were younger. 274 more words

Why Japanese Box Art is So Much Better Than its Western Counterparts

It’s been two weeks, mainly because 2014 has been the slowest year for gaming I have ever experienced. It feels like there’s a lot coming out, but none of it is coming out any time soon, so it just sort of slips out of my radar and I go back to playing Team Fortress 2. 1,323 more words


Review: Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath

Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath is a title I have wanted to play since its initial release as an Xbox exclusive in 2005. Unfortunately, it came out in the same year as FEAR, Call of Duty 2 and Quake 4, so my first person shooter thirsts were more than adequately quenched by a sea of future classics. 1,251 more words

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