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DKA, "Answers"

 1. When you are suspicious for DKA do you obtain a VBG or an ABG? How good is a VBG for determining acid/base status?

Diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA) is defined by five findings: acidosis (pH < 7.30, serum bicarbonate (HCO3) < 18 mEq/L, the presence of ketonuria or ketonemia, an anion gap > 10 mEq/L, and a plasma glucose concentration > 250 mg/dl. 1,816 more words

Bougainville Copper maintains inside running on re-opening Panguna mine

Business Advantage PNG 

The Bougainville parliament has just passed an interim mining act, paving the way for its troubled Panguna copper mine to re-open. Even though the new act removes the automatic renewal of its lease to continue, Bougainville Copper Limited is still the preferred mine operator, as Kevin McQuillan reports. 789 more words

Papua New Guinea

Mining bill causing mixed feelings

Peterson Tseraha | PNG Loop

THE latest mining bill that was passed by the Autonomous Bougainville Government two weeks ago was a success to many Bougainvilleans, but some are still confused about the bill and how it will be enforced. 279 more words

Papua New Guinea

PNG Bougainville mama i sapotim President i rausim laisens blong Rio Tinto

Caroline Tiriman | ABC Radio Australia

Wanpla lida meri na mama blong Bougainville long Papua New Guinea itok emi sapotim tru tingting blong Aotonomas gavman blong President John Momis long rausim olgeta laisens blong Bougainville Copper. 176 more words

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Will China replace Rio Tinto at Bougainville's shotgun wedding?

President John Momis and his Australian advisors have made very clear the only future they see for Bougainville is one centered around the re-opening of the Panguna mine. 307 more words

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Bercinta Dengan Om Sendiri

Aku Dina, seperti yang aku tulis di crita tetangga omku, aku tinggal ma omku, adik bapakku yang paling kecil. Mereka bekerja dua2nya dan belon punya anak. 3,498 more words


Nonton Konser

“Oleh yo, Mak?”


“Halah, Mak, aku ki wes gede. Wong yo gak dewe, karo arek-arek akeh kok.”

“Justru iku, trus ngko tawur.”

“Gak. Nontok konser iki, gak kate tawuran.” 816 more words