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We're back to blogging!

Gosh it’s been awhile since I posted. But the Jewish holidays are now finished for a bit so I should be getting back on track. 987 more words

John Momis: A mined mind

He can not listen to his people’s cries, even when they gave him and the Asian puppet, O’Neill, a Farewell ceremony meant for dead people instead of a welcome ceremony at the Panguna MINED and DESTROYED site. 146 more words

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Pentanu’s skeletons fall out of the closet

What happens when you have too many skeletons in your closet? Well for Ombudsman Simon Pentanu, it might have been a sour treat to be reminded of his recent past. 606 more words

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Rio Tinto to pay K30 for each life lost in Bougainville conflict

Global mining giant Rio Tinto to pay K450,000 in ‘bel kol’ compensation for lives and property lost in a conflict in which 15,000 died…

Isina chief questions bel kol… 295 more words

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Why the shift over Panguna, Mr Momis?

There has been an apparent shift in the way in which Bougainville President, John Momis, and his cohorts are approaching the mining issue. At first it was the outright ‘ 330 more words

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Critiques dispute Jubilee report with baseless arguments

Special Correspondent | ACT NOW!

The Jubilee research report on Bougainville launched in late August has caught wide attention abroad and in the autonomous region. In what seems as a shock for the Australian public to find that there is greater opposition to the reopening than expected, critiques however seem unwilling to agree on the report, which apparently contains quoted voices of those living in the ruins of a mining town coupled with a completely decimated and toxic environment. 449 more words

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