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President Momis tells landowners to bow before the might of Rio Tinto

In an incredible address to Panguna landowners, made in February this year, President John Momis told communities to forget the crimes committed by Rio Tinto, and bow before the power of this corporate monolith. 264 more words

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One step forward two steps back – Foreign mining legislation fails Bougainville

The Autonomous Government of Bougainville has released the draft Bougainville Mining Act which replaces the Transitional Mining Act. The legislation was drafted by Adam Smith International a British company that has lobbied for big business interests across the globe. 1,221 more words

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Australian advisor revealed to be behind Bougainville President’s attacks on Panguna landowners

Bougainville President John Momis has been very persistent and vocal in attacking a Jubilee Australia over a report that gives a voice to the marginalized people of the Panguna area. 598 more words

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YouTube Tutor: Michael Linares

An instructor showed us this video in class one day to try and teach the idea of ABGs (which, call me crazy but I don’t think it’s that hard, although I’ll admit it’s easy to confuse which is alkalosis and acidosis under which circumstance).  166 more words


Bougainville’s President Momis teams-up with Filipino execs slammed in human rights scandal

Bougainville’s President John Momis has engaged the ABG in a joint-venture with Filipino executives allegedly involved in mining, land-grabbing, violence against landowners, illegal labour practices, and environment breaches. 1,019 more words

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Momis fumes over O'Neill's Panguna promises : STAY OUT

The National aka The Loggers Times

The Autonomous Bougainville Government (ABG) has warned the O’Neill Government against controlling mining on Bougainville. President John Momis said the idea of the National Government anywhere else in Bougainville was “completely unacceptable”. 380 more words

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Bougainville leaders cry foul over mining act sections

Patrick T Wundai | Post Courier

BOUGAINVILLE leaders are crying foul over what they described as “two controversial sections” that have been inserted into the final draft Bougainville Mining Act that is scheduled to be put on the floor of the House of Representatives in Buka this month. 608 more words

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