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Opinions can be pre-conceived?

The most recent promo of Mahabharata stabs me with a knife-That’ll make it too dramatic a start; actually with a ball point pen (It’s not Cello Butterflow).Every time I see  Abhimanyu, picking up the chariot wheel , it blazes through me like wild fire. 728 more words

Abhimanyu - the Great Warrior to enter Chakravyuh, Will fight until his last breath

Drona informs that in order to defeat Pandavas, their lamp (prakash) needs to be taken away. Shakuni informs Drona, Duryodhan and Karna that Abhimanyu -the son of Arjun and Subhadra is the one who should be killed first. 321 more words

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Rama and Krishna Difference

Rama is the most venerated god in Hinduism.

Ideal Son, Brother, King, Friend, Master, Enemy Refuge.

Often I am asked by people, if Lord Ram… 392 more words



मैं अपनी तीरों से,
नभ में तेरा नाम लिखूंगा।
हर एक पल में मेरी माँ,
तुझे प्रणाम लिखूंगा।
द्रोण-कर्ण भी देख लें,
माँ शौर्य तेरे दूध का.


माँ का लाल

तेरे वास्ते ए माँ, मैं लौट के हाँ आऊंगा,
न तू उदास हो, मैं रण जीत के ही लौटूंगा।
आज समर में देख ले, ज़माना भी बढ़ के,