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Awaken your Creative Ability

The How-to’s of creativity

So, you have read many popular guides on awakening your creativity and found that nothing seems to work. Even if you haven’t, let us see if that will work. 556 more words


New Skill for the New Year

Swearing off the usual litany of New Year resolutions (except to maybe be kinder to people), the New Year is still a time to do something new or seek to improve yourself. 528 more words

Notes From A Polite New Yorker

The Ferrari

Imagine that one day your neighbor (whom we’ll call “Tom”) had a rich uncle, who no one had ever seen or heard from, including Tom. One day, this uncle died and left Tom with a brand new red Ferrari. 298 more words


The Power of Articulating

By: Derryl Frazier

“The Writers Guild Of Elites LLC”


Well that is a very good question! Merriam-Webster defines the word “articulate” as followed; … 787 more words


Another Shot at the Brass Ring

While I was working at one of the Canadian banks, another opportunity came banging at my door. In the late 1990s the Government of Ontario was looking to create an open market in electricity. 380 more words

Ending the Year

Remember how I said I had all these things to write about post-block and then never wrote them? Classic Jessica.

Trying to get back into it, because I love blogs. 394 more words

Medical Learning