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Stay Fit! Stay Motivated!

God has a good plan for your life. He has a good plan for mine.

Reading in Galatians a while back, (I personally think every Christian should read the book of Galatians several times each year to stay balanced between… 442 more words

Super Rat

The average rat can:

  • wriggle through a hole no larger than the diameter of a quarter
  • scale a brick wall as if it had rungs…
  • 54 more words

Come Back Home

Today so much thought
was given to the near miss
I recently experienced,
in which I was preparing myself
to invest $2000 in an online program… 408 more words


Dogs – The Mondegreen factor

A “mondegreen” occurs when the listener hears something that was not actually said by the speaker. Church choirs must shoulder the blame for many of the better ones. 1,210 more words


Teal Swan - How To See Auras - 11-1-14

Teal Swan, The Spiritual Catalyst

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The first thing you must grasp about auras is that you do not have to be “special” or “gifted” to see auras. 96 more words


my gift, my blessing

As flawed as we are, each of us have been given unique gifts and abilities. Some can draw, paint, sing, cook, bake, be great leaders, are organised, or just make others laugh.. 234 more words

My Life Before Virtual

Once I was normal. Well not really, however I was not virtual. I did have a computer but the Internet was in “infancy”. I did things, to me, were normal, like interacting with other people in the real sense. 217 more words