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Visa related

Please check the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Abkhazia website for official information. Below information is just an effort to respond to travelers’ questions about practical issues. 343 more words


About Food - Akhkhyla

Akhkhyla is used in Abkhazia to flavor meat, fish and vegetable dishes and also as an ingredient in sauces, such as walnut sauce. It is similar to… 130 more words

About Georgian Food And Wine

Ivangorod, Russia seeks to join Estonia

Ivangorod, Russia has filed paperwork with the governments of Russia and Estonia, to join Estonia.

A petition from citizens in the town of 11,000 seeks to leave Russia. 160 more words

Information Operations

Why US/EU/NWO Can Never Defeat Russia

In my Predictions and many previous articles I have said that despite the US aggressive push against Russia, they were stupid and naive to think that they could ever defeat or destroy Russia. 1,253 more words


Kremlin Said to Be Developing Plan for Partitioning Georgia

Source: Jamestown Foundation

Since the start of this year, Vladimir Putin’s Russia has invaded Ukraine, annexed Crimea and pushed for Ukraine’s “federalization.” The severe international concern caused by these actions was further compounded last month (August 2014) by Vladimir Zhirinovsky’s statement in Yalta that after Moscow subdues Ukraine, it will move against other post-Soviet countries in order to rebuild the Russian Empire (see… 775 more words


Time for NATO to Welcome Georgia

The NATO summit this week in Cardiff, Wales will have a full agenda but a priority issue is finally bringing Georgia into NATO.

In 2008 Georgia engaged Russia in a ill-timed and poorly planned conflict with Russia over the its breakaway republics of Abkhazia and South Ossetia. 302 more words


The future of Abkhazia

With the election behind him, President-elect Khadjimba has already held a press conference in which he stated that Abkhazia needs political reforms as well as to maintain its freedom of the press. 488 more words