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RT: Does America realize the consequences of forcing Russia into China’s arms?

I’d like to refer my readers to part of a comment made elsewhere by Veronica Keen that seems to apply here. While this is a thoughtful and valuable artic,e most 3D writers have no knowledge of this information, and I include here for your consideration: 1,531 more words


Urbex at abandoned soviet factory

A vast site full of Russian machinery located in one of the industrial cities of Abkhazia. A beautiful exploration revealing the great mystery of a past era!

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Church of the Week: The Church of St. George of Ilori

The Church of St. George of Ilori, also known simply as the Ilori Church, is an Abhkazian Orthodox Church is a tiny church with a long history. 253 more words

The Russo-Abkhaz Treaty and Russo-Georgian Relations

Last week, on 24 November, Russian President Vladimir Putin visited Sukhumi, the capital of Georgia’s breakaway region of Abkhazia. There he met with Abkhazia’s de facto… 2,469 more words


The long wait into Abkhazia

Who’s ever heard of Abkhazia? I hadn’t until I made plans to meet up with Allan, the traveller with an epic moustache who gave me my… 1,221 more words


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November 25th

Despite the world up in arms Russia’s breach of Ukraine’s sovereignty, I haven’t heard a peep from anyone regarding Putin’s moves to expand his authority over Georgia’s breakaway region of Abkhazia, to Georgia has cried annexation. 171 more words