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Tangerines (2013 film)

Tangerines (Georgian: მანდარინები; Estonian: Mandariinid; Russian: Мандарины) is a 2013 film co-produced in Georgia and Estonia. Directed by Zaza Urushadze, the film deals with the… 1,915 more words


Putin Is Taking Control Of The East Black Sea

Throughout the Russia-Ukraine conflict, I’ve referred to the “Georgia precedent”: the idea that Russia’s invasion of Georgia in 2008 showed Vladimir Putin how much he could get away with in terms of violating the sovereignty of neighboring countries. 808 more words


History of Christianity in Abkhazia

Church of the New Athos (Novii Afon) Monastery in Abkhazia

Christianity arrived in Abkhazia in the 1st century together with the first Christian missionaries, apostles Andrew the First-Called and Simon the Zealot, who arrived here through Cappadocia and the coastal town of Trabzon. 1,694 more words


Christianity in Abkhazia - A Story of Growth and Decline

New Athos (Novii Afon) Monastery, Abkhazia

During my 15 years of work for World Vision I had the opportunity to visit three times (2010, 2012, 213) … 442 more words


Is globalization the solution for the Russo-Georgian conflict?

The course of history is determined by the decision of political elites, through the nature of their leadership which affects the structure of domestic and foreign policies. 779 more words


The Critic

Below is a review I wrote as a response to an exhibition at Host Gallery in 2012, and also forms part of my submission to… 371 more words