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2014 Abkhazia Presidential election guide

I have created an overview of the upcoming Presidential election in Abkhazia. Not here, but at Wikipedia, where it can be continuously updated and where others can contribute as well. 300 more words


A new cold war? Hardly

(July 30, 2014) Talk of a new Cold War is not only overblown but counterproductive to the West’s security interests.

Rule Of Law

10 Breathtaking Little-Known Places in Images

The world is an enormous place, and while thanks to technological advances and the fascination with the unknown held by most all of us at least to some extent, the majority of our planet’s land has been thoroughly explored. 906 more words


Medieval cathedral Bedia

Bedia cathedral is a 10th century medieval christian temple built by King Bagrat III (King of Abkhazia and Georgia) near Bedia village, Abkhazia.
North Caucasus

Raised By Hatred

By Oleg Panfilov, Professor, Ilia State University (Tbilisi, Georgia)
05.20.2014 RFERL
Translated and edited by Voices of Ukraine

For two months now I’ve been thinking whether I should write or should avoid scaring the Crimeans after all. 1,546 more words


Russia and Georgia: Where to Go Next?

On Friday, Georgia signed its Association Agreement with the EU. The event was favorably celebrated in Tbilisi and touted in the West as a “first step toward the EU.” 2,010 more words


Let’s hope that my children will return back to Abkhazia

They cannot return home because of political disagreement. The Georgian government doesn’t help them. The only assistance and support activities could be found in the non-governmental sector. 1,074 more words

NGOs' Work