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In der Welt. Und manchmal alleine dort.

Mein Name ist Bettina K. Ich bin 43 Jahre alt und Mutter von zwei kleinen Buben. Mein jüngerer Sohn wurde gehörlos geboren. Durch das Neugeborenen-Screening wurden wir schnell aufmerksam dass etwas „nicht stimmt“ und mit 3 Monaten hatten wir die fixe Diagnose: gehörlos. 1,701 more words

So Ist Das. Und So Auch

Discrimination - IKEA edition

In the Scandinavian countries IKEA has a pretty sweet system for families who are shopping at their warehouses. They have a big playroom with staff where people can leave their children after the parents have filled out some paperwork and provided a mobile number so they can be called if there are problems with their offspring. 1,078 more words

Disability Rights

Samhörighet eller främlingskap i sociala kontakter

Jag har nämnt tidigare att jag saknar mina vänner men att det är så mycket som gör det svårt att umgås. Jag blir snabbt trött i huvudet, det är många saker jag inte kan göra, jag kan oftast inte ses på kvällar pga att jag måste ha tyst och lugnt för att kunna sova på natten mm. 431 more words

let's check ourselves

tw: slavery, racism, ableism

Too many people call the adult/youth power dynamic “slavery”. To compare adultism to racism invalidates the historical and present struggles of Black youth and generally shows an ignorance of what slavery actually was. 62 more words

The Hearthstone #3/Disability Diary #4: My Mercurial Brain

My brain is mercurial. It marvels and terrifies me in turn: sometimes it works so gloriously well, and sometimes it turns on itself with such viciousness. 713 more words

B Has A Personal Life

On The Defense.

Next time I’ll post something positive. Promise.

*Lengthy exhale*

You know it’s truly depressing there are people calculating your worth as a human being with your primary emotive state, and people are just so goddamn indifferent when someone shoves a person to their own demise. 2,760 more words

CPS: The Sticky Business of Not Minding Your Own Business


A South Carolina woman was arrested earlier this month for allegedly letting her 9 year-old daughter play alone in the park while she went to work at McDonald’s. 1,015 more words

Scars & Physical Ability