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On recognizing white privilege and not expecting a damn reward for it

I saw this clip recently when one of my friends posted it and asked if Tim Wise was making a good case for himself or demonstrating his unchecked privilege/acting in a micro-aggressive way. 723 more words

#AcademicAbleism: A Bipolar's Perspective

Recently, certain spheres of the Twitter-verse have begun discussing the topic of academic ableism, most likely in response to the Disabled Students’ Allowance being targeted for budget cuts. 729 more words


That’s not a Linkspam. THIS is a Linkspam (15 April 2014)

University of Ottawa: Where you get sick

In October 2013, the University of Ottawa made me fill out a form/survey about my experience there. These were my thoughts. This is a kind reminder to myself how difficult those 4 years were.  376 more words

I'm just a person.

I mentioned in my last post that I had a conversation with my regional field director this weekend about disability issues in politics.  My RFD is a really nice guy, but the stuff he said made it really clear that he has little or no experience with disability. 1,042 more words

Being "Nice" And Complacency Doctrine

I used to have a real bad temper. I rarely hurt other people, at least in my adult life, but you would not want to be a wall, chair or end table around me when my ire was raised. 730 more words


Poetry Month Celebration Day 8

This is how it is for me. I will not claim it is anyone else’s experience. There are many neuroatypical people who absolutely need this medication or that to give themselves the control they need, so please, never point at me and say “she does it.” Likewise don’t do it for the people who are unable to use medication and tell them “she manages.” Because for starters, I just barely do and it is a fight, every day, and because none of us is the same. 183 more words

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