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My first attempt at explaining the "-isms" of the world.

Sexism, Ableism, Racism.  Too often these words are thrown around, directed at individuals.  This needs to stop; it’ s confusing — it really is.

When I actually googled the meaning of “ism,” what came up was:  “a distinctive practice, system or philosophy, typically a political ideology or an artistic movement.”  This is not a statement one would ever use to describe an individual (unless you’re Kanye West describing yourself, of course).  805 more words

I don't think ableism is funny.

I’ll be the first to say, I’m one of those people who has a wicked sense of humor. I tend to deal with my life with a sense of humor. 1,337 more words


The Kind of Discrimination We Scarcely Talk About: Ableism

Racism, sexism and classism – we hear about them so often in our society when we speak of those who are oppressed. There may be, at times, ageism that we speak of too, but rarely. 483 more words


they call themselves
full of hope

they hope some day
you will become human

with help

with caring

with love

with proper training

they hope someday you will become… 18 more words


Racism and Ableism and Zoloft, oh my!

Exhausted. Starting Zoloft tomorrow. No other med changes just in case something happens. My psychiatrist will be away for four weeks. I hope it works. I really hope it changes something. 383 more words


#Crazyhorses, #SpellingBees, and the Astounding #Bossness of Viktoria Modesta

Well my #dears, I think the time has come for us to have #TheTalk. About #literary journals. #shutup #sitdown #foryoursafety #dontwanttolearnitonthestreet #soblessed

This weekend I got a copy of the journal @Crazyhorse… 405 more words

So Blessed

Up and Down

Having a mental illness is strange.

It effects every part of my life, yet I’m not allowed to talk about if for fear of being told I’m “making everything about my illness”. 385 more words