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White Maleness On White Maleness

Dom*i*nant |ˈdämənənt| adjective_ “most important, powerful, or influential”
Su*pre*ma*cy |səˈpreməsē, so͞o-|noun_ “the state or condition of being superior to all others in authority, power, or status” 1,752 more words

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Det ständiga hotet

Varje dag kan bli dagen då jag tvingas göra saker som skadar mig själv.

Kommer just den här dagen bli dagen som ger mig nya skador som aldrig kommer att läka? 263 more words

"This hurts" should not be so complicated

I hate having to explain everything.

I can’t say “that hurts” without having to explain exactly why and how it hurts and give examples of times it has hurt before and show writing by other people on the autism spectrum confirming that for some of us the thing does indeed hurt and make an analogy between the hurt and another hurt that the person I am trying to convince has experienced. 46 more words

An Open Letter to Fantasy Writers

Someday I would like to teach a course on writing fantasy.

We wouldn’t talk that much about writing–any creative writing course could teach my students those skills. 547 more words


Why ‘exposing’ food banks is not okay

I know how being a journalist works. You have to dig around and find stories, otherwise you’re simply no good. There’s a lot of pressure for you to find something worthwhile, something people will actually care about enough to click on a link. 1,109 more words


the body beautiful and normcore

When I first learned about normcore a part of me felt angry and unsettled. When I read this article at the Style Con, I realized that was one part of the reason that the concept of normcore made me feel pissed off. 189 more words

The Body, Disability, & Inspiration Porn

The first image: a young boy, around 6 years old, grinning on a an outdoor track. He wears a white shirt with a paper on the front reading “43 / Endeavor Games,” and blue shorts. 1,514 more words