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People We Love: Stella Young, Melbourne, Australia

The death of a disabled adult or child is a global problem. Too often, the media and ‘well-meaning’ allies express support and sympathy for the perpetrators rather than the actual victim. 855 more words

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Presume competence.

I have a lot of things that I want to say about communication & communication systems, because we have been through quite the communication journey this summer. 891 more words


Delad föräldraledighet på vems villkor?

Ni som är kroniskt sjuka och/eller funktionsnedsatta, hur ser ni på diskussionerna om individualiserad föräldraförsäkring? Skulle ni pga ohälsa/funktionsnedsättning kunna vara föräldralediga? Vad tänker ni när ni läser eller hör påståenden som “alla kan dela lika”? 131 more words

Called Out For Calling Out a False Feminist

Disclaimer: I do bring up gender a few times in this post. I am a cisgender woman, therefore I’m asking that you please take everything I say about gender with a grain of salt, and please don’t take my word over that of an actual trans, nonbinary, or otherwise non-cis person. 1,576 more words

Amal Does The Opinion Thing

If you would just exercise

Line One: “If you would just exercise

Line Two: You’d feel so much better”


Not All Parents are like that

We know that not all parents are like that. But every autistic person in the world is affected by the parents who are like that. 309 more words


Kanye West and the myth of the easy villain

I joke that I’m really on the verge of turning this into a sick-girl blog, but I’m embracing it. Be glad there will be no elaborate discussion of laboratory results today. 1,252 more words