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ableism: a detailed essay

Today I am going to be talking about how sick I am of mentally ill people never being included in ableist posts on tumblr and how ableism against mentally ill people is either glossed over using the phrase “Well at least they don’t have cancer” (or something along those lines) or ignored altogether. 2,665 more words

Learn. That's how you grow as a person.

A point.

Look, if someone points out you’re using language which is enabling any kind of -ism (racism, sexism, transphobia, etc), you’re not being “attacked in a safe space”. 69 more words


In Defense of Designer Babies

An American lesbian couple (Jennifer Cramblett and Amanda Zinkon) had a baby via a sperm bank, but are now suing because the sperm bank accidentally gave them the wrong sperm. 1,628 more words



  1. Don’t be a non-human
  2. Don’t be born outside the U.S.
  3. Don’t be non-white
  4. Don’t be poor
  5. Don’t be LGBTQ
  6. Don’t be disabled
  7. Don’t be too old or too young…
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Checking Ideas Of Normal Through Dance And Photography

As globalization continues to set Western norms as the scale against which all other behaviors are measured, there will be push back. Thankfully, creative applications and answers to those norms will pop up and use the same tools that have created a monochromatic global standard to share new ideas of normal. 248 more words

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If Nothing Else, Laverne Cox is Great: “Faking It” 2×4 – “Lying Kings and Drama Queens”

This week on Faking It, there’s an open spot in the super competitive drama club which is run by Laverne Cox, who can do anything she wants and I’ll sit through it, which made one of this week’s two main gimmicks more tolerable than they’ve been in the past few episodes. 1,753 more words


The Great American Freakshow Trick

Last week I got a text from a friend who was watching an episode of The Jeremy Kyle Show, featuring a group of people with facial disfigurements. 1,522 more words