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I am a cyborg
What, you don’t believe me?
What did you expect a cyborg to look like?
Certainly not a fat, ugly thirty-something is-that-a-woman-or-a-man… 818 more words


Managing Challenging Behaviors in Neurotypicals


Many neurotypical adults have behaviors that the rest of us find difficult to handle. These people are generally unaware of the stress their challenging behaviors cause for autistic friends and family members. 458 more words


#SamaritansRadar Twitter App - my thoughts on why this is extremely problematic

(CN: discussion of mental health, suicide, elements of self-harm)

This will be another mental health post, this time centered on the Twitter app that mental health and suicide prevention charity Samaritans have launched, called Samaritans Radar. 1,933 more words


On Nancy Fitzmaurice

They’re killing us.

And I just wonder who’s next.

They talk about low quality of life. And when they talk about quality of life, they’re talking about value of life. 258 more words

The best sex tips you’ll ever hear — from a man with no penis

How, they wanted to know. Sex equals penis in vagina, right? How can you have sex without a penis?! “I still have part of my shaft under there which still has nerve endings,” he wrote in response.

92 more words

Could FDR Be Elected Today?


If you’ve happened to set aside 14 hours in the last month for Ken Burns’ The Roosevelts: An Intimate History, which aired on public television in the U.S., you know it affords considerable attention to FDR’s disability. 950 more words

Scars & Appearance

26 October 2014 Meme Images

from the amazing Heather Grzankowski

from the amazing fibrofires.tumblr.com

from the amazing Horace Cooke

from the amazing Jessica Austin

from the amazing mamas-still-doing-it-all.tumblr.com

from the amazing Mr. 375 more words