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Response to Richard Dawkins' pseudo-apology @RichardDawkins

Following a rather ill-considered tweet about aborting fetuses who are suspected to have Down Syndrome, Richard Dawkins issued what I would consider a pseudo-apology, given that nowhere did he genuinely say sorry, instead, he explained why he said what he said.  302 more words


"Abort it and try again"

“Abort it and try again.”

Was this nasty comment made by a faceless internet troll? No. Immature teenage kid? No. This twitter gem comes from Oxford scholar Richard Dawkins in response to a woman pondering today whether or not she would continue a pregnancy if she learned the fetus had Down syndrome. 1,010 more words

Down Syndrome

Hashgtag Conversations: Abled Privilege Is

Another interesting hashtag emerged on Twitter a few weeks ago called #AbledPrivilegeIs

Check out a few of these tweets:

#abledprivilegeis knowing that you and spouse can both enter friends' housess when invited.— …

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CFP: Disability in World Film Contexts (edited volume)

The edited volume titled ‘Disability in World Film Contexts’ has received initial interest from Yoram Allon of renowned film publisher Wallflower Press (now part of Columbia UP). 167 more words

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Media Partner #42: Bethany Stevens & CripConfessions

Double woot, Bethany Stevens & CripConfessions is our 42nd media partner!

Bethany Stevens is describes herself as “an uppity crip scholar-activist and sexologist. I use the word ‘crip’ in a way to signal reclamation and promotion of disability pride and disability politics.” She is the author and dominatrix of CripConfessions: 57 more words

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The issues I feel surrounding "ice bucket" and similar "awareness" trends

Many of you have probably heard about this new “ice bucket challenge” trend, which is to apparently raise awareness for amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, or ALS. Similarly recently there was the “no make-up selfie” campaign for breast cancer. 1,452 more words

Chronic Illness

An Open Letter to Those "Depressed" by my Depression

Dear everyone ever,

For most of us who have mental illnesses, mental illness is a huge part of our lives and influences our experience and therefore is a big part of who we are. 195 more words