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Therapy Defined: Self-Regulation

Definition of self-regulation intervention or therapy: H is given the downtime he needs to delve into his interests and to regroup and relax when he needs it… 406 more words


Non Verbal Autism

All people communicate but not everyone talks. Some people talk a little but not conversationally. Some people say words and phrases out loud that don’t match what they really want to say. 253 more words

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Reblogging this clear and simple first-person explanation of what it's like to be autistic and nonverbal. A must-read! Thanks Henry.

Conventional success - an unrealistic expectation for many disabled people

Well, friends, I’ve just had an encounter on Twitter with someone spouting some very awful ableist things, leading me to write a lot of thoughts on my personal Twitter page. 1,456 more words

Chronic Illness

On Privilege, the Multi-Colored Spoon.

*Extremely important disclaimer: As I mention in this post, with regards to being able-bodied, I experience privilege. As I got ready to post this I felt slightly uneasy because I realize in a certain sense, I am speaking to an experience and perspective which I will never be able to full understand. 854 more words

How Deaf is she??

How deaf is she?
How much can he talk?
Is she, like, DEAF-deaf?
Oh, so she’s not like, you know, full deaf.
So she’s handicapped too? 1,072 more words


You Don't Know What It's Like

(Sidenote: This is in response to a conversation that’s taking place amongst people I know IRL, and if I can somehow figure out a way to communicate this message to the people that really need to hear it, I may remove this post from the blog for anonymity reasons) 1,115 more words


another quote from rhetoric class readings

In healthism, healthy behavior has become the paradigm for good living.  Healthy men and women become model men and women.  A kind of reductionism or one-dimensionalization seems to occur among healthists: more and more experiences are collapsed into health experience, more and more values into health values. 

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Just Religion