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How to Be Invisible

Couldn’t stay inside forever. The premier post-op outing was a brief jaunt to the nearest ATM. My only human encounter was with the unfortunate young lady waiting behind me to use the machine. 540 more words

Social Connectivity

Jag har inga vingar att flyga med men är inte hindrad för det

Jag är ju egentligen rätt ny i funkispolitiken. Det var inte förrän i vintras som jag började förstå att jag lever med en funktionsnedsättning och väldigt nyligen som jag fick svart på vitt att jag har två funktionsnedsättnignar, fram till dess hade jag bara bankat huvudet i väggen och undrat varför jag var ett hopplöst fall i vården. 360 more words



Normal vs ‘non-normal’

A ‘normal’ person goes to a grocery store and they walk down the aisle. They reach up, they squat down. They don’t need to ask for assistance. 1,035 more words

The Challenges

LGBT or Gender Dysphoria; the DSM Controversy

I have noticed a pattern in my own blogging; I don’t tend to jump on issues that are currently major controversies. Striking while the iron is hot is hard for me to do when everyone else is trying to hammer away at the same lump. 1,770 more words


"You don't look disabled."

“You don’t look disabled.” they say, and yes I do, yes I do, this is what a disabled person looks like, but, “You don’t look disabled.” and they say it like a compliment and I wonder what they think… 122 more words


The "Normal Body", its Construction, and its Abolition.

written for a brief test for a 100-level Women’s Studies paper at the University of Auckland in August 2014.

The “normal” body is obviously a highly contentious issue. 734 more words


A wumman in no need of a cup of tea

A Guest post by Sandra Webster

18 Days to go to go and I need a cup of tea. Thank you very much to my friends at A Thousand Flowers for inviting me the honour of this guest blog.  669 more words