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Nothing Has Meaning: Insurgent Chapter 29

I’ve recently finally gotten on board with this Spotify thing. However, I decided against their deal to get three months of premium service for $0.99 if you sign up before the new year, figuring that I still didn’t use it… 2,504 more words


Staff Pick : Book Review Divergent

Eight hours later, I checked my ebook’s page on Amazon and there it was: A glowing, five-star review! Four paragraphs in length, even. And it appeared the reviewer had actually read my ebook.


The Mind-Control Villains Finally Use Mind Control: Insurgent Chapters 26 and 27

Guess what, guys? Something actually interesting happens in this chapter! 2015 is crazy.

Chapter 26

Tris is woken up in the middle of the night by Christina, which Tris reminds us is never a good sign. 1,351 more words


Divergent series- Veronica Roth

I’ve just finished the Divergent Series Complete Box Set
This set includes:
I’ve mentioned before that it’s a reread and that I went through it so fast the first time that I didn’t quite pay attention to what I liked so much about it. 357 more words


They Go Back To Dauntless Because The Story Is Out Of Places: Insurgent Chapters 23 and 24

Chapter 23

Having just decided on new Dauntless leadership in order to leave the faction that’s not even subtly about to betray them, the leader of that faction announces over the HQ intercom that they’re going to betray them. 1,122 more words


Something Else Goes Wrong: Insurgent Chapter 21

Today’s Insurgent chapter was fairly short, but don’t worry. My chapter for Beautiful Oblivion next week is like 4000 pages long.

Chapter 21

One of the more interesting parts of… 873 more words