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Something Else Goes Wrong: Insurgent Chapter 21

Today’s Insurgent chapter was fairly short, but don’t worry. My chapter for Beautiful Oblivion next week is like 4000 pages long.

Chapter 21

One of the more interesting parts of… 873 more words


Movie Review : Divergent


hmm..  bingung juga yaa. udah sekitar dua menit, saya cuma diam menatap keboard laptop kesayangan, dengan kesepuluh jari diatasnya. Lima menit sebelumnya sudah beberapa kata yang saya ketik, tapi kemudian saya tekan tombol ‘backspace’ itu lagi selama 5 detik. 723 more words


I Am Jack's Unclear Motivation: Insurgent Chapters 18 and 19

As of late I’ve picked up guided meditation, using an app called Headpace. It’s pretty solid and I like it a lot, although there was this pretty unintentionally hilarious tweet last weekend. 1,182 more words


Weekly Photo Challenge: Converge


Selfless, simple, true and plain

When will our greed vanish, maybe wane?

Daily Post

Divergent Movie Review/Summary/Cool Pictures

A little intro.

It’s not The Hunger Games. It’s not Twilight. It CERTAINLY isn’t Harry Potter. It’s Divergent! Yeah, I know what you’re thinking: Oh, this is probably another one of those teenage girl, fantasy/romance movies where no one really understands which guy she likes. 417 more words


They Get Captured Again: Insurgent Chapters 15 and 16

If they’re not visiting one of the post-apocalypse’s many Hufflepuffs, it’s a pretty safe bet that Tris is getting captured.

Chapter 15

Tris determines that whatever kind of gun she was hit with only knocked her down, and… 1,125 more words