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Tris Meets The Evil Villain Who Is Evil: Divergent Chapter 28

Having recently tried and failed to meet Hannah Hart at a book signing because I completely forgot about things like “capacity” and “waiting in line”, today I’m going to try to meet… 1,980 more words



 We do know something about dystopian government. But what if the government who controls you is all selfless and works for the good of everyone involved..?? 304 more words


Time To Learn The Not-Stupid Secret Behind Four's Name: Divergent Chapters 24 and 25

So I wrote my post for this week, and then Ariel messaged me to tell me I skipped a chapter. So we’re going to quickly skim through chapter 24 because nothing especially worth trying to make fun of happens anyway, and because I can’t count. 2,038 more words


Divergent Quote #1

I’ve decided that I’m going to do a HP Fact one day, Divergent Fact the next, HP Quote the day after that, Divergent Quote the day after… 32 more words


Tris Is Special... Maybe TOO Special: Divergent Chapter 21

So here’s something crazy: I really, genuinely liked this chapter of Divergent. [Ariel says: Me too! I didn't make many notes on this chapter, and the ones I did make were nice!]  2,143 more words


Quitting the 'Like'

Facebook. It’s one of those things (with most of the social media world) that has taken over. I’ve had my personal page since the days where we (as in my COLLEGE) had to petition with the site to actually have our location added. 406 more words


Book No 37 : Divergent

Divergent‘ was released on DVD on 5 August 2014 and although I’d heard of it, I’ve neither read it nor seen the film… 266 more words