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You would never hurt me on purpose. I know that.

So, just had a fight with my best friend. One of my closest friends, actually. But the way we just fought just now, I really begin to doubt if we really understand each other or not. 1,001 more words

Our Normal Abnormalities

Our Normal Abnormalities – By: Gary Hays

Define normal. Bet you can’t. You may deem it normal to never step on a crack while I adamantly oppose your theory as highly abnormal behavior bordering on creepy. 571 more words

Youngsters With Heart Murmur Might Be Common

Youngsters with heart murmur is very common. Generally, in case your child arrives with no birth defects like Down’s Syndrome or other genetic problems or possibly connection with alcohol and medicines throughout pregnancy your heart murmur is not to concern yourself with and may cause few other health problems. 493 more words


Pelvic insufficency fractures with a twist

An 86-year-old woman was gardening two weeks previously when from a kneeling position she reached to her side to get a trowel and overbalanced, twisting and falling onto her side. 139 more words


Fear: Normal vs. Abnormal

Gideon’s fear is understandable. His enemy is real. His life is in real danger. He has “normal” fear. God has proven Himself to be powerful and trustworthy. 490 more words


Rethinking Depression

Watch the incredibly informative and insightful ted talk linked below and then complete the case study!  We’ll discuss the ideas contained within such as:

IB Psych

#264 More Normal

People who think of themselves as abnormal are often more normal than those who think of themselves as normal.