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July 31st.

The last day my life was normal. We had just returned from a long, quiet weekend in a Mountain town. Our family had desperately needed it. 459 more words


50 whys to look for genes: 4. Understand the basis of traits

Since the rediscovery of Mendel’s laws, it has been common to talk about genes for xx, where xx could be feeblemindedness, IQ, sports ability, procrastination, homosexuality, divorce, crime, fidelity, conservatism, liberalism, schizophrenia,…  (You choose xx; see what you get when you google “Is there a gene for xx.”) 194 more words


Treatment for Depression Understood


As far as the IB is concerned, there are 4 main types of treatment for disorders: Biomedical, Individual, Group & Eclectic.

By far, the most popular treatment practiced today is the Eclectic Approach to treatment which is a combination of 2 or more of the above. 65 more words

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Biological Evidence of PTSD

Interesting article below elucidating recent studies on specific opiate receptors in brain that are active/inactive in patients with PTSD and the hope that greater understanding of brain regions involved in PTSD could lead to a more specific treatment. 103 more words

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3 Reasons Why Lab Tests Sometimes Lie

1. “Normal Ranges” aren’t “normal”. Having worked in a hospital laboratory for 20 years and being involved in setting “normal” ranges, what these ranges actually are is “average” ranges. 557 more words

You would never hurt me on purpose. I know that.

So, just had a fight with my best friend. One of my closest friends, actually. But the way we just fought just now, I really begin to doubt if we really understand each other or not. 1,001 more words