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Big soak for small umbrella

i feel more comfortable in the dark.
where as the light illuminates,
the dark hides.
people, for the most part,
are asleep.
this gives me a sense of security. 48 more words


Melihat dengan Hati, Merasa dengan Mata

Mata hati
Tak dapat terpisah
Melihat, menatap, memandang tentu dengan mata
Merasa tentu dengan hati
Hati yang bisa terenyuh
Hati yang tak pernah sejalan dengan logika… 167 more words


Joe Proctor's Massive Hematoma from UFC Fight Night Atlantic City

Tonight at UFC Fight Night Altlantic City , UFC  lightweight Joe Proctor developed an abnormal sized hematoma on the left side of his face with his fight with Justin Salas. 92 more words


Dear Distractingly Abnormal Crowd

Dear Distracting-ly Abnormal Crowd-

Ever made a wrong turn…once or twice?  Dug your way out, blood and fire?  Bad decisions?That’s alright!

Welcome to your life! 350 more words


I heard that

Walking seems to be what I use to stop and think, calm myself down, etc. Many people know that when the kids were younger and more of a challenge, I would take what I called

The normal person

Today has been a great day. That’s what the average person would say at least. I have the greatest girlfriend in the world. Drill is going smoothly thus far. 531 more words


I have been searching for the type of person that suits my brother. He is the only person I feel closest to, whom I share a lot of things with and feel the most comfortable with. 1,817 more words