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Bonding, not addiction

I found an article that actually explains myself, my behaviors. It’s eye-opening, and a bit depressing.


I’m obsessed with the game series of Dragon Age. 855 more words


Abnormal chap 011: Happy New Year~ Boy!

Thanh niên nghiêm túc đã quay trở lại cùng với 2 nhân vật hoàn toàn mới :3

Có vẻ lần này sẽ là về sát thủ liên hoàn nên sẽ là arc của Satsuki-chan nhé :3





Miss Universe & Orange Soda

On my way to lunch, the newly hired receptionist, who recently participated as a contestant in the Miss Universe pageant, invites herself along. She is beautiful, and I am not opposed to her imposition. 166 more words


Tue. November 5th, 2013

I have so many things swirling around

in my head — how am I supposed to do any-

thing? I can’t remember the last time I… 214 more words

Literary Catharsis

The Ocean

With a single glance I was there,
amid a vast ocean creating wave upon wave
to a rushing pulse.
As if the mere action of a wave… 48 more words

What this Fisherman Reeled in Freaked out Everyone

(CNN)It looks like something out of “Alien” but has more in common with “Jurassic Park.”

It’s a rare frilled shark that has been caught by a fisherman in Australia, where no one remembers ever seeing one caught before. 214 more words

End Time Prophecy

a sent album for sent reasons!!!

So excited to share with you about my son and daughter and their two older cousins releasing an album with 12 original songs. It is available on iTunes. 63 more words