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'How drunk are you?' MSNBC's Chris Hayes: Fossil fuel opponents are like modern-day abolitionists

@chrislhayes Seriously?!—
M. Justin (@mateus_justino) April 22, 2014

Serious, you guys:

My essay for the Nation on the parallels between the abolition of slavery and today's climate fight.

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“nothing about us without us”: conversations on sex work and transmisogyny

So lately I’ve been doing research on the intersecting exclusions of trans women and sex workers. So far I have been curating information on how trans women are continuously silenced and excluded in feminist, queer, and environmental justice spaces. 3,338 more words


Slavery and the Abolition Movement

Slavery. Its one of the most horrific events in American history. Its a topic people never really want to talk about, its something we tend to want to forget about. 703 more words

QUOTE (Henry Ward Beecher) - Mar. 8

“The way to begin a Christian life is not to study theology. Piety before theology. Right living will produce right thinking. Yet many men, when their consciences are aroused, run for catechisms, and commentaries, and systems. 185 more words


Sarah Parker Remond Plaque Installed!

Thanks to all who donated and all who supported the Sarah Parker Remond Plaque Project, the plaque was installed, just before Christmas, at the Non-Catholic Cemetery in Rome!

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6 Tips for Letting Go of Cheese

I know, I’m a lazy blogger. I don’t write as often as I want but I’m more of a quiet person and I prefer to speak when I have something specific to say. 1,884 more words