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Arguments in Britain for the Abolition of Slavery

As England neared its abolition of slavery, different arguments were presented by those of the public who wished to end it.

  1. Human Rights – This argument pointed out the ideas of Locke, the Levelers and other philosophers who have spread the idea that human beings have natural rights; you own yourself, and so you have a right to live and keep the fruits of your labor.

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The Worldly Remonds of Salem

Great news on this Martin Luther King Day weekend: the Mayor of Salem has announced that a rather barren strip of waterfront land adjacent to the Salem-Beverly bridge will be reconstituted as Remond Park, after the prominent pair of African-American Abolitionist advocates and natives of Salem, Charles Lenox Remond (1810-1873) and Sarah Parker Remond (1824-1894). 1,047 more words


Aftercare Model for Trafficking Survivors

After Care for Human Trafficking – Psychology/Sociology


  • Understand first that the crime of trafficking/slavery is vastly soul destructing.  It destroys an individual’s independence, their self worth, robs them of psychological and physical safety, and teaches learned helplessness.
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Human Trafficking, Slavery, and Abolitionism

  • Human trafficking is the third largest criminal enterprise internationally, and has ties to both the arms and drug trades.  As an industry, approximately 33 billion dollars was illegally obtained through the trafficking of human beings in the year 2013.
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Quock Walker and Emancipation in Massachusetts

On an April morning in 1781, a man named Quock Walker rose and prepared to go to work on the fields of a farm in Barre, Massachusetts. 2,319 more words


Episode 82: All Aboard the Intersectionality Train with Big Sky Sanctuary

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Individual Solutions Cannot End Institutionalized Atrocities

by Roland Windsor Vincent

We are continually exhorted to boycott this product or that, urged to refrain from lending financial support to one company or another, warned to vote with our dollars, or our pounds sterling, or our euros. 980 more words