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It had been a couple weeks since the carnival and I switched back to my car. 756 more words


Legend of the Himalaya | A Short Story

(author’s note – I needed to dust off some creative writing cobwebs that have collected as of late, and of course, I’ve returned to the mountains to do so.  1,207 more words


The Breaker of Teeth

Every now and then I will come across wording in the Bible that I have at some point read but forgotten.  As I was glancing in the Psalms the other day I came across a amusing action.  652 more words



Silently in stealth upheld,
Predator does stalk.
Abominable they say of it,
In snowscape he does walk.
Himalayan altitudes
Seek to cover tracks,
But every climber up there knows… 85 more words


10 Reasons Why the Cold Weather Is No Longer My Friend

1. The constant nipple protrusion.

When the temperature drops, my hi-beams come on. For hours at a time. And with an intensity that is mildly frightening. 887 more words


Our Search for the Abominable Snowman

author’s note:

I no longer entertain the idea that Sasquatch, or Bigfoot, or the Abominable Snowman might exist as physical realities.

But I do believe people witness these creatures. 170 more words