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Aboriginal Australian Marriage Customs

Aboriginal Australians have very intricate marriage laws. The kinship system, where everyone is related, creates complexity within their society. The members are sorted with names used in each horde, and relatives-in-law are placed in the same horde as consanguineal relatives ( 811 more words


Metaphorical Thinking - Intercultural Communication

What do stereotypes have to do with how we think? Researchers in the field of Cognition are looking into the way people link up images. Most recently they have investigated links between metaphors embedded in language and how we mentally conceive of things. 1,009 more words

Aboriginal Australian Status Roles

Aboriginal Australians follow a kinship system of social structure. Each language group is further divided into bands or hordes, comprised of several families. Aboriginal Australians are also divided on a religious level into two moieties, based on Ancestral Beings from the Creation Period, such as the two birds, Wodoi the Spotted Nightjar, and Djungun the Owlet Nightjar, both of the northern Kimberley. 712 more words


Reflections on Utopia

Went to see John Pilger’s documentary Utopia yesterday, which  argues that nothing has changed in the apartheid treatment of First peoples since his 1985 book and film, The Secret Country,  and been reflecting on it ever since. 728 more words

Cultural Comments

Neomad: A Yijala Yala Project

First up, I have to admit that I’m rather challenged when it comes to e-book apps. I did love The Wasteland app which I reviewed… 805 more words

Australian Literature

Margaret Merrilees, The first week (Review)

Having discussed in this week’s Monday Musings Margaret Merrilees’ essay on white authors writing about indigenous Australians, I’m now getting to my promised review of her debut novel, … 994 more words

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