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from little things, big things grow

paul kelly and kev carmody’s, ‘from little things, big things grow’ chronicles the struggle of the gurindji people in the northern territory of australia. a māori friend of mine introduced this song to me after she spent some time on a writer’s residency in australia. 238 more words


Precious documents: 1840s children's letters and contemporary children's book.

Today I came across two separate articles about written records of two different Australian languages. The documents are separated by a century and a half; with the earlier written by children from Kaurna country and the contemporary written for Warrgamay children. 158 more words

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"My mala love to clap". Sometimes we need to use children's language to remember why we use language

Come Away To The Water

He’s choking.

He’s quite literally choking, hands clawing at his throat. He thins he might be trying to rip the skin of his throat open with his nails, rip his voice box out, just so he can breathe. 952 more words


Chances Are, You Don't Know Anything About Us

Aboriginal Australians.

You know? The native peoples of Australia? The group of peoples with the longest ongoing culture? Blackfellas? The peoples I am a part of? 734 more words


A for Aboriginal

A clip from the first indigenous TV show on ABC-TV 1973


This goes in Folder A for Aboriginal (as in Australian Aboriginal).

There is an interesting thing about how we think / how we thought about the native, indigenous populations of places (or entire continents) which have been taken over by the Anglos, or the Spanish (this is another story and I don’t know as much about that). 1,126 more words


An Atomic Blast (In the Outback)

A highlight of our recent trip into the Western Deserts, which took us across The Great Victoria and Gibson Deserts in the Australian Outback, was a visit to Maralinga Village. 841 more words