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Surviving the heat while the world's watching

A Writer on how the story often gets told regardless.

THE world will be watching Brisbane, Queensland, for the upcoming G20 economic summit in the city. 610 more words


Collocations: ASPs in language use


This is about Automatic Subconscious Procedures involving language.

When we talk, we occasionally put together some words or phrases (=groups of meanings) in a certain alignment, and we do this largely unconsciously as if we’re operating (more or less) on automatic pilot. 988 more words

Automatic Subconscious Procedures

Two Worlds: Tales from the Rainbow Track - Part 2

“Originality has nothing to do with producing something ’new’ – it is about seeking the source, the primordial ground from which you draw and have always drawn your being. 1,085 more words


Two Worlds: Tales from the Rainbow Track - Part 1

The Dreamings are our ancestors, no matter if they are fish, birds, men, women, animals, wind or rain. It was these Dreamings that made our Law. 2,775 more words