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'Slender frame and delicate appearance'

This sketch was taken from the Canadian Military History Gateway on the War of 1812. The caption that accompanies this illustration shows the two tropes associated with Laura Secord’s narrative: the ‘noble savage’ and the ‘damsel in distress.’ 244 more words


Aboriginal women are speaking up for missing and murdered Aboriginal men

The hatred directed at aboriginal people in Canada is appalling, as is their poverty and exclusion from the opportunities that exist for non-indigenous Canadians. Nowhere is this more evident than in the federal government’s continuing refusal to hold a national inquiry into the causes of the deaths and disappearances of over 1200 aboriginal women. 63 more words

Elton John – Indian Sunset

Bernie Taupin, the lyricist, takes artistic licence and changes history, such as how Apache leader Geronimo died in 1909. But Sir Elton delivers a lengthy story, told as if he was Native American, about colonization. 91 more words


Educate, Not Dominate

(Warning:  usage of full racial epithets in this opinion piece, because I don’t believe one is more important or blatant than the rest in this point of view). 463 more words

The Athabaska Oil Sands: Enough to make you sick. Real sick.

I don’t normally reprint news releases. This time I will make an exception. At the end of the news release are two videos I recorded earlier this year that speak to this issue. 596 more words

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