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Elton John – Indian Sunset

Bernie Taupin, the lyricist, takes artistic licence and changes history, such as how Apache leader Geronimo died in 1909. But Sir Elton delivers a lengthy story, told as if he was Native American, about colonization. 91 more words


Educate, Not Dominate

(Warning:  usage of full racial epithets in this opinion piece, because I don’t believe one is more important or blatant than the rest in this point of view). 458 more words

The Athabaska Oil Sands: Enough to make you sick. Real sick.

I don’t normally reprint news releases. This time I will make an exception. At the end of the news release are two videos I recorded earlier this year that speak to this issue. 596 more words

Aboriginal Peoples

Cherokee Nation Triples in One Week, & Don't Call Me a Redskin

We should be impressed with how many people are well versed in Native American culture and history.  It’s been amazing and enlightening to see all kinds of average citizens report and comment so expertly on First Nations and Aboriginal issues lately.  1,299 more words

Aboriginal Peoples

Aboriginal Peoples of Canada Unit Study

We have just added another one of our Overdrive Digital Unit Studies to the Learning Commons. Aboriginal Peoples of Canada. This unit study incorporates Overdrive E Resources which may be used from the convenience of your computer or digital device at any time.   72 more words


Aboriginal affairs ministers ask premiers to look at reparations for Sixties Scoop adoptions

Aboriginal affairs ministers ask premiers to look at reparations for Sixties Scoop adoptions
CHINTA PUXLEY   WINNIPEG — The Canadian Press Monday, May. 19 2014
Canada’s aboriginal affairs ministers are asking the country’s premiers to look at compensation, counselling and repatriation for thousands of aboriginal children adopted into white families during the so-called Sixties Scoop…. 71 more words

Aboriginal Peoples

Pharrell & the Native Headdress – The Mistake Was Demanding Respect

“Did you know”? Did you know that question can reverse a mindset of ignorant insult more effectively in the long run, than a demand to stop insulting or demeaning? 1,077 more words