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Reflection: It's Time for Q and A to Debate Itself

In 2007, a filmmaker named Greg Whitely made a documentary called “Resolved” that centred on high school debate. A film that could otherwise have been a some what boring exposition on the world of debate exposed the complex racial and class bias inherent in American education and the debating world via two of its main protagonists Richard Funches and Louis Blackwell, two young African American inner-city debaters from a high school named Long Beach Jordan in Long Beach, California. 1,442 more words


I love natural medicines.

Did you know willow is a form of aspirin? I’ve heard that when you leave a sweat lodge that’s why you feel so good. 359 more words

Creating positive images of Aboriginal fathers

We are surrounded by negative images of Aboriginal men and fathers. In the mainstream media, and even academic literature, they are mostly portrayed in a negative context: the focus is on crime, domestic violence, alcohol and other drugs, unemployment, and child abuse. 545 more words

Community Engagement

Australia: The Great Continent Down Under- Kings Canyon

On this day we packed our  bags and left the little bit of civilization that we encountered the previous day behind, heading for the open sandy road and towards the campsite at Kings Creek Station for our “Swag Night”. 1,453 more words


Sunday Stills, the next challenge: Light my Fire

This photo is taken at Firelighting. Firelighting is the opening ceremony to Corroboree Sydney. This is an annual event that brings together all of the aboriginal nations for a time of sharing. 125 more words


Travel theme: Colourful

I live in the art community in Sydney so I don’t need to travel far to find something colourful. On this occasion though, I snapped this while attending a function for Corroboree Sydney. 29 more words


Brian Bowman, Winnipeg's first Métis mayor, promises change for the better (with video)

By Graham Thomson

WINNIPEG — The adage that we deserve the politicians we get is usually uttered as a curse.

For Winnipeg, it seems to be a blessing. 1,101 more words