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Tracks - a review

Tracks is a genuinely inspiring story about one woman’s quest to walk alone (well, aided by her three camels and trusty dog) across the Australian Outback. 421 more words



Pappa foreslo at jeg skulle begynne å lete etter en innfødt når jeg er på joggetur. Han synes åpenbart ikke kenguruer er kule nok. Dersom du tror pappa har rett, vil jeg bare minne om at… 23 more words

Kuranda Scenic Tour, Cairns, Australia

In our second day in Cairns and 6th day in Australia, we had a lovely day in the rain forests of Cairns and had chance to get to know the Aborigin art and life. 375 more words


What do homeless cats have to do with murdered aboriginal women

Recently in the news we have heard the report of a student heckling the Prime Minister’s wife at a homeless cat fundraiser, over her husband’s apparent lack of concern about missing and murdered aboriginal women. 358 more words

what a read!

I finally finished the Orenda. What a story! I know very little of the indigenous people of eastern/central Canada but I do have a glimpse of the ways of Huron people now. 175 more words

Why Should Christians be Able to Impose Their Ethics on Me?

Being a Secular Humanist does not or should not really set me apart from other Canadians in terms of human rights. Why do some people think they should have the right to impose their personal rules on me? 710 more words

Canadian Humanism

How to not be a dickhead

Never argue with a fool; onlookers may not be able to tell the difference.

Another phrase that is thrown around a lot today. Choose your battles wisely and fight when you have the best chance. 446 more words