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Lac Seul Cultural Camp

For a project with Lac Seul First Nation, we are often in the community photographing events. This week, we had a blast at a Cultural Camp for Anishnawbe youth in the area. 17 more words

甚麼是南島語族?– 鍾鍾靈 [CN]

Submitted: June 4, 2014.

編輯留言:參與「沙拉碗」令我最開心的一點是我們時常有機會分享一些比較少被關注的話題,而鍾鍾靈與「沙拉碗」分享的第二篇文章正如此。在這篇文章中,我帶著微笑學習了鍾靈的背景,更學到南島語族的來源。而且,就像我們的中英文編輯湯玉如在看鍾靈的第一篇文章時做的,我選擇將鍾靈的習慣用語留在文章中,因為這樣讀起來比較「真實」。– 馮加恩
Editor’s note: One thing I really enjoy about The Salad Bowl is that we have the chance to share topics that are rarely spoken of – Chung Chung-ling’s second article is a perfect example of this. 65 more words
The Salad Bowl

Lets pretend I used to work in a job network Part 1

This sorry tale may or may not be true, but for the sake of spinning a yarn, let me take you through the most pretend miserable 2 years of my life, spanning two states and grinding me down to my knees. 672 more words


Straight Up, Racism

Yesterday I read an article about a commercial that has been aired in Australia. It’s an anti-racism video that focuses on the specific racism between Australians and Aboriginal Australians. 1,027 more words

Racism Rant