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Alexander Baxmann: Am I a prankster or a hit-man?

She said: “Teach him a lesson so that he won’t do this to another woman! Don’t hurt him though, he is just a messed up kid!” 11 more words

Alexander Baxmann

America's Purge: Abortion

This is my first controversial post and I am well aware that some may not be okay with what I say here.  But believe me, life will roll on.  968 more words


This Couple's Response To Pro-Life Protesters Couldn't Be Better

Every Saturday, Grayson and Tina Haver Currin stand outside a women’s health clinic in Cary, N.C. holding signs — but not the kind you’d expect to see outside of a facility where abortions are performed. 53 more words

This Is My Body And I Will Do Whatever I Want With It

This Is My Body

This is beyond awesome and probably the best feminist video I have ever seen. It is incredibly empowering to see many other women strongly and assertively asserting our rights. 587 more words

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Dawning: To new beginnings :)

A lot has happened in the past two years. So so much. My life has changed so much in such a short time, but if there is something I have learnt, you take what life gives you. 862 more words


Abortion Logic 101

When I first saw the graphic below I thought surely it must be a joke. Just to make sure I googled the professors name and the quote and got a lot of hits. 94 more words


What We Women Want - Renee Ellmers #tcot

This Townhall.com column should be read by every conservative:  What We Women Want – Renee Ellmers.

Not only do we need to understand women’s concerns, we need to point out that something like this happens  100 more words

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