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Surprise, the abortion Promoting Queen, Gloria Steinem Campaigns for Pro-Abortion IL Governor Quinn

Surprise, the abortion promoting queen, Gloria Steinem campaigns for pro-abortion IL Governor Candidate Pat Quinn. Both candidates for governor in the state of Illinois are pro-abortion, however Quinn is a democrat and Steinem is the pro-abortion Democrat machines pro-abortion darling. 450 more words


Quote of the day.

“If it seems more horrible to kill a man in his own house, then in a field,…it ought surely to be deemed more atrocious to destroy a fetus in the womb before it has come to light.”
John Calvin.


Lies from the Turtle Man

“It is time for America to join the ranks of most other developed nations around the world and restrict abortion at least at the point at which science tells us that unborn babies are capable of feeling pain.” –Mitch McConnell (2014)

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He wasn't just an embryo, he was a baby. He was their son.

This will make you cry. If you are like me and are very sensitive and emotional, you will need tissues.

Even though baby Thomas was set to die so early in life even before he was born from the womb, his mother and father did not choose to abort him. 31 more words

Personal Journey

Kill a Baby in 5 Minutes for €200

You can pick any website offering information on abortion options and procedures and learn that all you need to kill an unborn baby is around €200. 547 more words


California orders churches to fund abortions, or face sanctions

This is from The Federalist.


California’s Department of Managed Health Care has ordered all insurance plans in the state to immediately begin covering elective abortion.

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