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Judge: North Dakota Abortion Law Unconstitutional

(BISMARCK, N.D.) — A federal judge has overturned a North Dakota law banning abortions as early as six weeks into pregnancy and before many women know they’re pregnant. 87 more words

Full Pundit: Put down the Fair Elections Act, and back slowly away

That’s enough, Skippy
Instead of making the much-reviled Fair Elections less bad by adopting a Senate committee’s fairly sensible recommendations that would make it somewhat less reviled, … 781 more words

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Life Worthy?

Prochoice/proaborts conclude that women know if the baby they’re carrying is ‘life worthy’. Life worthiness is an opinion, not a scientific fact…because if it were, would ANYONE be worthy enough to be born? 370 more words


Father Confronts Anti-Choice Protestors


This is what I was talking about in my last post. Not those who happen to be pro life and actually try to help. But these who just stand around during further damage to already hurting people.

New Chilean President Vows to Decriminalize Abortion in Cases of Danger to the Mother’s Life, Rape, or Unviable Fetus

A 23 year old Chilean woman‘s baby was diagnosed with a rare debilitating brain condition, in utero, that would leave him severely disabled and would only survive a few years at most. 363 more words


[Rant] Reproductive Rights. (Again.)

Why, Arizona?

Honestly, it’s one step forward, two steps back these days. There is no reason for sexual health clinics to be held under separate regulations and standards from all other medical facilities. 516 more words