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Questions on Female Feticide that We Must All Ask Ourselves

Feticide. Saving the girl child. Killing in the womb.

I was at the movies the other day. Before the main reel began to roll, they showed us a short film of a female fetus singing from the womb to her parents. 1,310 more words


Life begins at conception and ends at birth

Well, does it really? I’m sure everyone has a different view on this highly ethical and sensitive matter. I believe that instead of arguing when a foetus is alive or not… 720 more words

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Forced To Bear Her Rapist's Child

by Dish Staff

Kitty Holland and Ruadhán Mac Cormaic report on the latest abortion controversy in Ireland:

The young woman who was refused an abortion and later had her pregnancy delivered by Caesarean section, has spoken of her attempt to take her own life when she was 16 weeks pregnant.

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Kaldor-Hicks and Abortion

Abortion is a contentious issue.  There is a diversity of moral systems that have a variety of opinions on the matter (many arguments are internally consistent – I’ve argued on both sides). 955 more words

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Musings of an Older Man

As I sit here in contemplation, actually outside because my wife is babysitting and the baby is crying, I know I am a mean old person,  some things have been going through my mind. 582 more words

Kenny's Irish Abortion Act on the rocks?

In the context of the battle over abortion in Ireland, this radio exchange of views between the legal spokesperson for the Irish Pro Life Campaign, Caroline Simons, and Irish Labour Party Senator, Ivanna Bacik, reveals the cold and callous position which this pro abortion Party takes on the life of the unborn. 635 more words

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Ain't You A Woman?: Stand Up For All Your Sisters

Maybe we have not all been that woman. But we have all had a scent of it; maybe even just a glimmer. We have all; each and every one of us women, no matter where we hail from or what we believe, have felt fear under a patriarchal force. 1,060 more words

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