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No, I Don't Want to See You at the March for Life Next Year

See You at the March Next Year?

It’s probably the most cringe-worthy question I have ever heard at the March for Life, and as happy as people sound when they ask it, it’s a question that is blatantly pessimistic at its core. 1,317 more words

Personal Reflections

Republican Cowards Cave On Abortion

The new Republican Congress is weak and has almost no unity. What their message or agenda is changes almost daily. You would think though that Republicans could be counted on to defend the rights of the unborn. 726 more words


An Impossible Decision by D.K. Miller

There have been several articles and TV news stories about women deciding to keep pregnancies in spite of the extreme possibility of dying due to illnesses and deciding not to get treatment. 547 more words


'Our women are tough - they can stop a horse'

Meeting the mothers with HIV who refuse doctors’ recommendations to abort their babies in Ukraine and Moldova.

A feature published in The Black Sea and EU Observer… 1,687 more words


Absolute Abortion - Letter in Scotsman

Nice to be back into the fray today – two articles in the press and this letter in the Scotsman….the battle continues!


Tiffany Jenkins (Perspective, 24 January) is being consistent when she argues that women have the right to abort a baby if she is the wrong sex. 172 more words

The Scotsman

Who Are the Most Vulnerable Among Us?

American culture is troubled and stirred by discussion of values under the cover of arguments about politics. Christians are accused of injecting their values into political discussions that, some allege, should be secular only. 2,015 more words

Religion In The Culture