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Federal Court Saves Mississippi's Lone Abortion Clinic

After a two-year fight, the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled today that Mississippi’s last abortion clinic will remain open.

In its  2-1 ruling, the Court’s majority opinion affirmed abortion rights, stating that “Pre-viability, a woman has the constitutional right to end her pregnancy by abortion,” and that the… 333 more words


Keep Life Legal

Today I have a blog recommendation for you – Keep Life Legal, written by Rev. K.H. Marple, and providing pro-life news, commentary and ministry. She has put her finger directly on an issue I believe central to pro-life ministry and support within the Christian Church. 74 more words

Abortion In USA

Democracy: A Greek Myth

According to one philosopher, “women were failed males. It was their lack of heat that made them more ‘formless’” (Garland 110).* This evolutionary step downward was “the first step along the road to deformity” (110). 513 more words



I think that we can all agree that the main problem with Canadian history is that men are just way too underrepresented. Take our money, for example. 880 more words

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This piece from The Belle Jar relates to my writings on Persepolis, "The Eggs and Us: The Abortion Wars Rage On," and "We Asked 22 Women Why They Take Birth Control And These Are Their Answers". I'm woefully uninformed when it comes to international politics, so I found this post extremely illuminating and entertaining. I hope you do too!

Why I need the F word. Feminism, that is.

Since coming up to Cambridge, I’ve discovered a great many things. For example, no matter whence you hail, you must always come up to Cambridge. I’ve also learned never to jump into a river in my underwear, never to get drunk and sing Christmas carols with your friend in two part harmony when your DoS is nearby, and never, ever touch the spring rolls at Trinity Hall. 1,475 more words