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I never imagined that I’d be creating a blog, but today I just felt the need to. The reason: so there’d be a place to dump all of the thoughts in my head. 132 more words


Season 3 - Cuba

This month we travel to the Americas and our first stop is Cuba. As an American I have very prejudice views of Cuba due to the history of Cuba with the United States. 1,027 more words


Ready, set... blog!

I would like to welcome everyone to my little blog! I do admit the content may seem lacking at the moment but I promise you that in the course of the coming months there will be thousands of words covering all this empty white space. 412 more words


More Silly Announcements

A few quick things to say

  1. Yes, I’m still alive, no I did not abandon you guys!
  2. My mom has her own blog, so please go check that out!
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Meet the author

Hello, I’m Lara. I have been writing a novel for the past few years. I’m embarrassed to say for how many. Let’s just say that medical conditions keep getting in my way. 100 more words


Old me, new me...future me?

It’s that time again: life has changed and so it’s back to the drawing board with my About Page. In the last two weeks I have moved around the world and am preparing for a new adventure in life. 345 more words