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Money and Your Religious Life

                                            by Vic Odarve

Money is not really a source of evil as most people think. Like a coin with two sides, money can be either an evil or a blessing. 696 more words


My Wrong = Your Right?

*Disclaimer: I get really personal in this post. Just so you’re aware.*

I’ve done a lot of things wrong in life. I’m human…it’s bound to happen. 1,609 more words

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When the Future Seems Unclear

Many people who know him do not know that my husband, Andrew, is a very talented musician. In 2007 he graduated with a degree in music education. 1,528 more words


The Boundaries of Love

A while ago, I read a historical novel about an insane asylum during the Civil War. One of the minor characters, Eleanor, imagines the pain and suffering of every creature on the planet: 765 more words


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Laura Droege's piece, "The Boundaries of Love," is so insightful that I must reblog the post to share it with you. My personal boundaries can be at times poor and permeable, so I would do well to heed her wise words: "Loving others strikes a balance of sorts. We neither identify with other’s pain to the point of being incapacitated (forgetting that we’re separate people) nor do we callously disregard it (forgetting that we are both people, though separate)." "Forgetting that I’m a separate person and that my emotions are mine and no one else’s isn’t healthy." This message bears repeating and for me, thoughtful prayer. Thank you, Laura Droege.

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  • He selects or elects things for Himself. Israel as His nation, particular individuals (eg David) for His purposes, and some people as His people…
  • 628 more words
Words To Remember

Faith isn't feelings

Faith isn’t about the “feel good moments”. It isn’t about getting emotional while worshiping. Faith isn’t feelings.

I’ve said it in past blog posts, and anyone who knows me knows I’m an emotional person. 550 more words

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