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  • He selects or elects things for Himself. Israel as His nation, particular individuals (eg David) for His purposes, and some people as His people…
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Words To Remember

Faith isn't feelings

Faith isn’t about the “feel good moments”. It isn’t about getting emotional while worshiping. Faith isn’t feelings.

I’ve said it in past blog posts, and anyone who knows me knows I’m an emotional person. 550 more words

About God

Strength and Dignity

Life is one heck of a ride, isn’t it?

Just when you think things are calming down, you realize there’s another drop in life’s roller coaster. 1,095 more words

About God

Jesus Culture Conference

I promised I would be writing a blog about my experiences volunteering for the Jesus Culture Conference in Minneapolis this past weekend…and then life happened and it got bumped back just a bit! 1,064 more words

About God

A New Monday

It’s an early Monday morning. I am sitting by an old fountain and the water is singing its eternal song to me. What will I do with a treasure of a new day God dropped into a palm of my hand? 264 more words


Minor Tweaking

So last night and today I made some minor tweaks to my site. My blog subtitle now is: Living with Bipolar Disorder. Loved by God. Hope the new subtitle resonates with others.  78 more words

Posted Thoughts

Thank You Mentors

Not precisely Ten Things of Thankful, but I am using the theme of the Ten Things of Thankful blog hop as an opportunity to thank those who have mentored me in my spiritual and religious growth. 1,949 more words

Posted Thoughts