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Why I got into Blogging

I was inspired to begin blogging by Cindy of 3 Kids, 2 Dogs and 1 Old House. I stumbled upon her blog, as she is a friend of a girl I went to school with. 287 more words


What if...

What if you woke up to find this peace inside of your soul?

What if you woke up smiling, looking forward to your day?

What if you woke up feeling confident about the future, confident about what you want and confident about your inexistent plans? 398 more words

Mental Development!

Let It Gooo

You know a crazy thought is? My soul mate is out there somewhere and it’s a great possibility he could settle for someone that gives him less than he deserves. 265 more words

About Me

They Call It The Book Challenge

So, there is this thing on Facebook my friends back in Germany tagged me in a few times and I thought I could bring it here and enlighten you all :) 326 more words


To New Beginnings - An Enlightened Soul's Journey to Courage

Good Morning World,

a birdy told me that today is the day we will all need a fresh start.

Whether you are dealing with anxiety issues, relationship issues or even self-esteem issues, this is the place to be. 459 more words

Mental Development!

100 likes ...Thank You

So here I am, just writing, letting the fingers flow over the keyboard, and after two months, almost three, I have 100 likes. 60+ followers via email and 40+ via wordpress. 119 more words


And we are into a new week of school

good morning world. After he gets up there is this very important question we gotta ask ourselves all the time:
Home lunch or school lunch?? We have days were he loves to have school lunch, simply cause most the other kids have it and I am ok with it. 198 more words