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Who am I?

Who am i? Well, let me tell you,

My name is Karla Rose Lyford and i was born and raised in Whakatane, New Zealand. 631 more words

About Me

An introduction for Global Networks

So far, the start of every university semester has beckoned the ‘intro’ post, with me trying to work out how best to describe myself. And even though I am twenty one, halfway through my degree and always find something wicked to do when I am bored, I can never think of what to say when asked to “tell us about you”. 268 more words

About Me

"I like your dress"

He runs in, hair flopping and I can see him backlit from the sun’s rays that are only just peaking above the horizon.

I’ve counted his little steps before. 201 more words


My Goals

So what are my goals?

I was thinking about this tonight, after a conversation online.

I posted that although I’ve gained weight, my clothing seems to be baggier, and I don’t like how I look in it and hopefully manage to afford smaller sized clothing that fits better soon-ish… 413 more words

Fat Acceptance

The Phoenix Rises Again

If you subscribe to my feed (you still do after a year?! Holy crap, thank you!) you may have gotten hit with a few posts a couple nights ago. 672 more words

About Me

New Orleans Blacklight 5K

Let me start by saying my laptop is about to die and I have no idea where the cord is. Yes that is my luck. Needless to say I’m going to put my typing skills to test and see if I can knock this blog out in like 5 minutes. 290 more words

About Me

... They're less important than you.

I was once in possession of a proclivity and a proficiency in pronouncement of emotions and feelings through a particular verbosity. A pride in my personally published perceptions, my promulgating of my own pensivity. 252 more words