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All About Me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi! My name is M&M. I am 9 years old and I will do tutorials, share books, recipes, arts, crafts, and other fun stuff I love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 6 more words

About Me

Epic Dreams, a Big Problem…

If there’s one thing I find annoying about the creative side of my brain; it’s epic dreams.

I mean, once in a blue moon I could handle… But the last week or so? 180 more words


Easter Holidays or the Apocalypse?

Think you’ve had a rough day – well come on in let’s chat!

Now I know people are supposed to be excited about the idea of holidays especially those special days called ‘public holidays’, me I’m not convinced they’re such a good thing.   810 more words

Enjoy A Rant

My Story

Terkadang jomblo itu seperti orang gila,ketika jatuh cinta pasti bengong trus senyum-senyum sendiri tanpa sebab hahaha

Menurutku , semua yang pacaran pasti jomblo juga pada waktunya,kalo nggak jomblo pasti nikah . 139 more words

When I was younger, I never found it in me to cut or to inflict any form of self-harm on my body.

And I still can’t stand to hold a knife or razor in my hand without the fear of my blood spilling over some trivial issue. 21 more words


Happy Easter

Quiet, isn’t it?  I’m off for a few days at a convention in my other persona, in pursuit of science fiction.  After I am done living in the future I will catch up with the outstanding tax consultations in a week or two.   6 more words

About Me