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Readers, something amazing has happened.

Barbara J. Taylor, author of our July book selection Sing in the Morning, Cry at Night reached-out to A Novel Group of Huskies. 356 more words

A Novel Group Of Huskies Book Selection

When Friends Don't Want You Taking Medications

I am open about the fact that I take medication. I’m even open about which one I take. It’s called Lamictal, and in some cases, people have mistaken it because of its main use as an anti-seizure medication. 448 more words


Ask Your Favorite Author

Want to ask your favorite authors a question? Many of us are taking questions NOW on Goodreads. We’ll answer questions about our books, our writing process, and just about anything related to the world of writing and publishing! 67 more words

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Maynard Joseph Delfin has more than 13 years of diverse editorial experience with various exposure in corporate publishing, project management, technical writing and proposal coordination and report compliance. 71 more words

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Kick-Off Post

The first post has to be made somewhere. It feels like the all-too-awkward introduction paragraph you write on any social media website. Personally I’m not very fond of introductions because I’m pretty bad at them, but it can’t be helped. 461 more words

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The Wailing Strip

I know of a strip whose atmosphere knows no tranquility

I know of children whose next moment greets them with no parents

I know of a strip whose women’s daily order is wailing and weeping… 202 more words

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