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i wish i could wiggle my arms

I wish I could wiggle my arms
under this boundless sky.

I’m lost in transcendent drunkenness,
a fool with a mind.
Synapses firing with alcoholic fervor, 85 more words

Loyalty and trust: A journey of self discovery in writing

A big part of the Yard Men’s case files’ plot has to do with trust and loyalty. It is a central part of the relationship between  Aubin and Hans. 555 more words


My Personal Credo

I can’t do it all, so sometimes I do things poorly. I have been living like this for so long that I did not even realize how far I am from reaching my potential. 579 more words

About The Author

How do I deal with the bitterness that has been festering inside of me since I've returned from the Middle East?

A question was asked on the social media website Quora. Another veteran expressed his frustration over trying to rejoin society after his combat deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan. 2,856 more words


What do troops keep in all those pockets they have?

Most of those pockets are not really pockets as much as well-designed accessories, each with its own designed role, which are to be arranged by the individual troops’ need, specialty, designation, and mission to fit onto the Interceptor and MOLLE systems. 1,409 more words


Changes….. all around.

Hello Friends,

It seems I have a lot to say today.  It is not a usual post, but something that keeps coming up to the for front a lot lately.  432 more words

About The Author

Friends, Soul Mates

It’s more than finishing each other’s sentences.  It’s a bond akin to blood.

I was once told that you reincarnate with ten souls each time you are born anew.  159 more words