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A post on Inequality:

So, since today is “Blog Action Day” (apparently… I honestly didn’t know that there really is a “Day” for everything now), I should dedicate this post to it, and whatever topic it tells us to discuss. 630 more words


It's Just a Number, Right?

Earlier today, Franz and I were talking about our blog progress, and he’s standing at about 160 followers. Impressive. Each of his posts lately have been racking up views, likes and comments, as if he finally found out the secret of making it big in the blogging world. 553 more words


Now, Speaking of Social Media...

My goodness, the week has finally ended, and I had a nice, uninterrupted sleep for the night. I wanted to go to sleep later last night, but my body just couldn’t stay up any longer because of yesterday. 410 more words


How does it feel, to make a girl cry?

I’ll tell you what, it doesn’t feel good, at all. I’m talking about Sara. I just blocked her on Facebook. 359 more words


Texting. Why am I so bad at it?

Messaging is such a nice way to keep in contact with friends. I mean, everyone’s practically one message away, via Facebook, Skype, Text, Kik… except me. 1,471 more words