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A Place of Thirst and Hunger

Those of us in America have probably never known real thirst and hunger from a physical standpoint.

Yet I think that many teen girls – and grown-up girls too – understand thirst and hunger from a different perspective. 570 more words

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Seoul | Fall 2014

Otoño en Seúl – Colorful leaves

Last year I enjoyed my first Autumn in Seoul. This one I had to take photos again:


Preparing for Extraordinary

Ordinary. It’s not an interesting word. It’s – well – ordinary.

Ordinary involves laundry, going to school five days a week, doing homework. It means arriving on time to our jobs, doing chores, putting gas in the car, and grocery shopping. 684 more words

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Puberty and Sexuality

The onset of puberty always occurs during a child’s time in their secondary education where their growth is strictly monitored with regular blood tests to measure the amount of hormones being produced in their bodies.  495 more words

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In addition to all the strife happening in the world, or maybe as a cause of it, people decided to reverse all the damage they had done to the planet by minimizing society’s effect.  274 more words

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Education and Family Planning

When a child is born, the parents of the child are given eighteen months after the child’s birth/adoption to spend with the child before the non-primary caregiver returns to work part-time with full-time pay while the primary caregiver gets full-time family care leave. 576 more words

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The Mother's Revolution

After decades of escalating violence, a small movement of women who sought treatment to deny having children began to grow and expand. They decided that until the world was a safer place, they would refuse to have any children brought into it. 40 more words

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