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Empty Apologies

Today one of the Vanderbilt rapists testified in his own defense. He apologized to his victim, claimed he didn’t recall what had happened, and his victim vomited. 126 more words

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Those Darlins "Be Your Bro"

During the Vandy rape trial, witness after witness has described seeing the victim in some state of distress–the roommate saw her being raped on down to the people who just saw her passed out in the hall, undressed, sick and injured–and doing nothing. 290 more words

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Sometimes, when I wake up in the middle of the night, the dog is sleeping in the hall, looking to my un-spectacled eyes, like a small cloud taking up most of the hallway, but not yet ambitious enough to become fog. 164 more words

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Salt the Earth

I’m following the Vandy trial on Twitter. As I mentioned. It’s really, really disturbing.

I want to have some coherent thoughts about it, but I just keep thinking what it would be like to know those guys and to have to reckon with them doing this terrible thing, just using this woman like she’s not even a person to them. 48 more words

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The Stranger You Bore

I’m following along as best I can with the Vandy rape case. It’s depressing the hell out of me. I can’t help but feel for Batey’s parents. 174 more words

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step inside the live catalog that is Future Ancestor

Brian and Julia are the husband-and-wife duo behind Future Ancestor. Julia and I met at Foam to chat about their new shop on Cherokee Street.  718 more words