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The Content 

The content of the site is based on videos.  However, it might be helpful if every video had captions or subtitles if it is  needed on it. 145 more words

About Wordpress


Voscreen looks like an amusement website for learners of all levels, still especially those at an intermediate level or above, to have fun themselves while testing their listening skills. 84 more words

About Wordpress


  1. What’s it about?

    Zimmer Twins at School mixes the fun movie maker kids love with new teacher-friendly class management elements and privacy settings designed specifically for the use in the classroom.

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    Easy to understand instructions for learners

    Breaking News English is easy to use, in part because their instructions on the site are extremely basic. 

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My thoughts on Wordpress

I have plenty of experience with WordPress, having used it as part of my job as a Communications intern at IT Systems at Lee, as well as for my own personal blog. 173 more words

About Wordpress

Wordpress and Web Design - the benefits

WordPress can benefit web designers by giving them something to work with, instead of having to scribe every little detail of a site from scratch. A web designer can take what he or she likes about a layout and just change it around until they get what they want. 58 more words

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A little about wordpress copyright holders

Copyright Holders

These are the fine folks who’ve written code that, at one point it time or another, has been part of the WordPress core… 178 more words