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I thank you guys for you subscribing to my blog. It has been the greatest honor and I look forward to keep entertaining and informing you of the best news, reviews, and commentary. 102 more words



Maybe I don’t appreciate myself. Not having never developed gentleness toward myself, and therefore, the project to others is very confusing :(

Sometimes in life, you find a special friend. 277 more words


Welcome to the blog!

I’m not sure exactly how to start this, so I’ll start with why I’m writing this.

My 4 year studies of Geography left me a little lost for how to use my degree in the immediate term, but did leave me with a heightened understanding of how our world works. 303 more words


Who I Am

Someone once told me that I was an old soul.  That my eyes showed wisdom beyond their years, and that if they looked deep enough and long enough that they could see the reflection of their own soul within them.  144 more words


The Beginning - KAIKOA

Who knows where this experiment/project/institution will take me, or us for that matter.

I know your wondering where the name KAIKOA comes from, thats a good place to start. 312 more words


Course Reflection and Self-Assessment

For the self-assessment required for this portfolio, I believe I deserve an A in this course.  The course went by very quickly, but I believe I was able to meet all of the objectives of the course: 559 more words


About me

Hey my name is Sophia. I decided to create this blog because I think I have something to say the world could be interested in. This blog won’t have any particular topic. 17 more words