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"Blogging University:" Who am I?

So, I recently signed up for The Daily Posts “Blogger University: 101.”  It seemed like it might help me as I keep working on this blog — and although it might start out basic, I figure that I will likely learn a few things, and be challenged to keep writing.   567 more words

Personal Reflection

N'Dro Yo, Piuru.

First post and what do I wanna write about? Me. And all the things that are going wrong in my life.

I know.
How narcissistic of me. 278 more words


Bonjour !

Hello to everyone who may or may not be reading this blog ! My name is Katie Mcloughlin and I am a self-confessed obsessor, daydreamer, tea-drinker, and book-lover. 349 more words

Jika Ada - Jawaban Keresahan

Jika ada secerca cahaya hadir dalam ruang gelap, apa itu berarti harapan?

Jika ada harap dalam sebuah penantian, apa itu berarti jawaban?

Jika ada jawab dalam keresahan, apa itu yang Allah suratkan? 28 more words


Voice actors on about.me

Today we’re shedding some light on people we hear all the time but almost never see, voice actors and actresses! Not only do we get to see them here but also learn about their personalities and what they do when they’re not lending their voices to our favorite characters. 63 more words


Food Diary – Two

We were having a discussion in the staff room last week about whether you eat healthier during a working week or during the holidays. I found this a tricky one to answer as I definitely have more time to exercise and make healthier meals during the holidays but then again I am at home and tend to be a bit of a grazer so probably end up eating more than I realise. 865 more words


Hey everyone,

so I have this youtube channel and I decided to create a blog for my channel. So if I talk to fast and people see something they like they can always come hear and read their directions. 46 more words