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Long road ahead!

So I feel like I have had one of the best weekends I have had in a long time!

Literally simples things make me happy, a lovely weekend with some close friends of mine and I’m happy. 880 more words

Sunday Catch-up #4

I seem to have spent this week feeling constantly tired so have been trying to switch off a bit earlier and read before bed in the hope of a more restful night’s sleep. 266 more words

Hadiah Terbaik

Sekitar satu minggu yang lalu, ada seorang sahabatku yang memberikanku sebuah Al – Qur’an, Beliau memang tidak menyebut itu sebagai hadiah. tapiiiiii, I mean that :). 147 more words

Aku Dan Kehidupan

Does age really matter?

So recently I’ve been having an emotional crisis about turning 23. Age has never really bothered me, but the last few months have got my head in a mess. 351 more words

Balancing the Bullsh*t

I’ve always been someone who tried to balance different parts of my life. But when it comes to making time for everything, University, Friends, family, Boyfriend, me time, it seems to get harder as you get older. 270 more words

Too old for Christmas?

I realise I’m about a month late with this post, but its something that Ive really been thinking about recently. Can you be too old for Christmas? 242 more words

Recipe – My Revamped Avocado Pasta

I don’t usually revisit my previous recipes but when you end up with something so delicious, you feel you just have to share it!

I first posted about my… 264 more words