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Marketing Strategy (for the Philippine Market)

Suggestion: Make a viable marketing plan for the Philippine market. Serious companies may begin with a survey. You can get a promotional balance right by launching or introducing the products thru a mixture of above-the-line and below the line promotion. 470 more words


Portrait of Raya

What’s This About?
TV commercial for Samsung Malaysia

What’s The Big Deal About It?
The first commercial featuring all major products of Samsung Electronics. The challenge is to tell an original, heartwarming story while introducing the product… 36 more words


Are you above the line?

This weekend the JDC West 2015 LS took place in Victoria. On Sunday Matt Corker (http://www.mattcorker.com) came to facilitate a ‘Blue Sky’ session with us. 51 more words


The Dirty Job of Writing Curriculum

Your hands may not get dirty, but your brain will get a workout!  Here are a few tips for creating a stellar Course Outcome Summary in WIDS (aka above the line documentation or ATL documentation).

Instructional Strategies

A return to Mad Men (in reverse)?

I’ve got a pitch for a beer advert: A group of lads in an office sitting around, shake up a can of beer (let’s call it Fosternberg) and hand it to a young secretary. 370 more words

Above The Line

Lies, damn lies and marketing statistics

Have you seen those adverts, typically for cosmetics, with incredible claims about how many people agree that the product is the best ever? These stats seem de rigueur these days: “98% of women agreed that this deodorant worked better than their regular brand”, “Over 73% of people agreed that this loo roll made them more attractive to the opposite sex”, “86% of men said that this shampoo made them feel more satisfied with their otherwise miserable lives” etc. 617 more words