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You can choose what to make true for you

“We would never look at some static event and say, “That’s the way it is, and it’s awful and I don’t like it, but it’s truth.” Instead, … 51 more words

Abraham Hicks

Cosmic Soul, Beauty & Truth, the homeless & their pets, two free events, new moon, and Abraham


# 1-  A  short video called Cosmic Soul that helps put everything into an expanded perspective…

# 2 –  Entertaining, thought-provoking excerpts from Rob Brezsny’s Beauty & Truth Lab…. 913 more words

Personal Development

Just let yourself of the hook!

“Don’t you want to let yourself off the hook?

Don’t you just want to feel good?

Don’t you want to stop explaining yourself to people? 11 more words

Abraham Hicks

Why people feel anxiety

“If anyone is having any anxiety, it is because they are looking for the manifestational evidence.”

Abraham Hicks

Abraham Hicks

Choices and Changes

I believe that we chose our parents so that we could have the exact experience we needed to have to learn the lessons we needed to learn.   522 more words

There is nothing to worry about, ever

“You will get to the point where you will wonder why you were ever worried about anything ever.”

Abraham Hicks, 19/7 2014

Abraham Hicks

Picking Mr. or Ms. Right

Sometimes clients come to me to ask me about the mate they are with or the mate they hope to meet. In these situations I refer them to the teachings of the… 205 more words

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