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What is your point of attraction right now?

“Where you stand right here and now, what is your point of attraction?  What is the vibrational atmosphere that you have created?  Are you onry? Are you irritated? 664 more words

Abraham Hicks

Source loves every single person on the planet

“Source is unconditional! Source isn’t saying you have to have this skin color or this sexual orientation or this financial prowess or this political or religious affiliation… Source is loving unconditionally!!! 40 more words

Abraham Hicks

What you desire will be yours, no exceptions!

“We have to tell you we know why more of you are not enjoying the process more. It’s because you think there’s a question of IF it will even come.  75 more words

Abraham Hicks

A 30-day journey to love my body

My body is amazing.  Strong legs, long wavy hair, cute toes, smiling eyes.  It does so much good stuff without any instructions from me!  It breathes, circulates blood, digests, thinks, laughs and loves.   288 more words

Let go of all struggle and regret

“Make the best of where you are and do your best to line up your Energy from where you are, because any bit of struggle or any bit of regret only holds your cork under the water and doesn’t allow you to connect with the Energy that would allow anything to improve.”

Abraham Hicks, 19/4 1997

Abraham Hicks

People will...

‘People will love you, people will hate you, and none of it will have anything to do with you’

-Abraham Hicks-


But shouldn't I tell others about what I have been through?

“You don’t want to broadcast a vibration that you don’t want the universe to answer. You cannot talk about, or write about experiences that made you feel bad without broadcasting a signal that you do not want to emit. 57 more words

Abraham Hicks