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Your alignment matters more than the topic!

“Alignment trumps everything, stay off the subject if it interferes with you alignment.

(…)stay off the condition that does not allow you alignment, pick the subjects that allow you alignmen… 36 more words

Abraham Hicks

1 Important Question

Nicole describes how to get the benefit of the hindsight experience right now. To join our Live-a-Fulfilled-Life community, click here. Click the topic to learn more about… 6 more words

How you feel is all that matters

“It does not matter what anybody else thinks about anything, the only thing that matters is how you feel relative to what you are asking for. 54 more words

Abraham Hicks

Love yourself and your life, now

“We want you to look around your world and not worry, but to revel in its beauty. We want you to look around your own life… 196 more words

Abraham Hicks

Alright but what about this issue I have?

“Then stay off the subject because, when you think about something that’s hard for you to imagine, you mess it up.

(…)That’s big. Stay off of it. 155 more words

Abraham Hicks

It's already been done!

One of the most profound statements that changed my life was by Abraham Hicks, “You carved this life out before you came into your physical bodies”. 307 more words