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“Government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the Earth.” President Abraham Lincoln The Gettysburg Address

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
November 19, 1863

The End of Suffering (Or Was It?)

One week after Robert E. Lee surrendered his troops, the first presidential assassination took place when Abraham Lincoln was murdered. Lincoln was attending a play on Good Friday, titled “Our American Cousin,” at Ford’s Threatre in Washington D.C., with his wife, Mary Todd Lincoln. 175 more words

Games and sculptures

Have you thought about becoming a game developer? This week, I sit down with Gabriel Gutierrez of Nascent Games.

Listen to Conversation Accessories on iTunes or Stitcher (Android) and follow on Twitter @ConversationsHD and “Like” on… 6 more words


Reassuring the Border States

July 22, 1861/2011

Volume 2, Issue 31 (41 Issues Since 15 October 2010)

Reassuring the Border States, but the Tide Soon Begins to Turn against Slavery… 775 more words

Civil War Book Of Days: 1861

Photo of the day

I think this is a great quote. It encourages us to stay true to ourselves – be who we are regardless of what others think. 138 more words

Lincoln's Heavy Burden, War Begins in Deadly Earnest

July 15, 1861/2011

Volume 2, Issue 30 (40 Issues Since 15 October 2010)

Lincoln’s Heavy Burden

July 18, 1861. Lincoln confided to his old friend… 715 more words

Civil War Book Of Days: 1861

Conservatives & "Free Stuff"

Just as I thought, xPrae is still harping on the Race Grievance Industry (RGI) myth. Abagond and I are still on his mind as the “foot soldiers” of this made-up complex. 1,554 more words