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Missed Monday

Today’s the day. Emma and I get a comeback we’ve been waiting for, and I show you a video from I series I have been waiting to be updated. 373 more words


Witch Hunter Robin Abridged Episode 4: The Touch Uncle


Robin, Chie, Barbies – Mina (MinaMinaVa)
Amon – TheHawk
Miho, Yurika, Mamoto – mattroks101
Michael, Zaizen, Cop 1 – psnyomi133
Jeff the Guard, Tazawa, Cop 2 – ChrisTheNerd… 65 more words


Pokemon Abridge-A-Ma-Bob: It Was All A Lie

I know I said I probably wouldn’t make this a series, and this video is exactly why the word probably exists.


Abridged 0-13: Mara

My poem ‘Autumn Landscape’ was published in ‘Abridged 0-13: Mara,’ an Irish photography & poetry journal,  in February 2014.

The Issue can be downloaded as a free pdf from the link below.



Ash Ketchum Should've Evolved Pikachu

Ash had trouble obtaining the Thunder Badge. Here is the footage that shows exactly why he had so much trouble.