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Strunk and White Abridged


Intended Audience: English Students
Skill Objectives: English Style
Focus: Common violations


  • The best writers sometimes violate rules of rhetoric. Sometimes these violations are appropriate, but in order to know when, a mastery of the elementary rules of English is necessary.
  • 190 more words

New Yugioh Abridged Episode 63!

For fans of the insanely popular web series by LittleKuriboh (and that includes me as well), a new episode wrapping up the whole Battle City Arc is finally here, after a 2-month long break! 22 more words


'Eight' in Abridged: 0-37 Torquemada

My poem, ‘Eight’ features in the stunning Abridged 0_37 Torquemada issue.

‘Abridged 0 – 37: Torquemada focuses on the confessional and faith; the lies we tell and the secrets we keep, the hypocrisy of love and hate and the pointedness and pointlessness of the penance we ascribe ourselves and others, the faith that keeps us going and makes others suffer…‘ 61 more words

Rachel Long


How shall this continuum
be clearly explained, or defined?

It has no master.
‘Tis friendless.
Who may command it best?
Who may counsel it? 61 more words


Two Minute Movies: Annabelle


If you were thinking of seeing this year’s most terrifying movie, go ahead and read on. Annabelle is not that movie. (Full review here. 205 more words


Pokemon Abridgamabob Episode 4: Hidden in the Misty

Ash is now fighting for another badge but in order to get it, he must battle cyborgs, swimmers, and fish.