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Fifteen-minute TV Series - Sailor Moon S

Are you sad you have to wait another week for the introduction of the totally  awesome (and my favorite) Sailor Mars?  Me too.  So I present to you the… 3,494 more words


The Influence of the Noble Hadith upon the Differences of the Jurist Imams (Abridged Translation) P.1-When Is a Hadith Suitable for Practice?

Translator’s Preface

The following is an excerpt from our abridged translation of the masterpiece, Athar al-Hadīth al-Sharīf fī Ikhtilāf al-A’immah al-Fuqahā’, by the Syrian Hadīth scholar, the teacher of our teachers, Shaykh Muhammad ‘Awwāmah. 3,744 more words


Fifteen-minute TV Series - Sailor Moon R

“Sailor Moon Crystal” premiered today!  I would squee but that is both embarrassing and doesn’t translate in text very well.  Following up on the suffix-less… 2,901 more words


Pokemon Abridgamabob Episode 3: Between a Brock and a Hard Place

Ash and Pikachu must dig deep and use everything they have to beat the gym leader who specializes in bROCK type Pokemon.


top 5 abridged series

my pick for top 5 abridged series


Kämpfer Abridged – Episode 10

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This episode was first uploaded in August 2011. This is where things properly get going for the penultimate episode of Kämpfer Abridged. 220 more words