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Time Goes By So Fast

Time goes by way too fast; we just had our last exchange student assembly for this term a few days ago and it kinda made me sad, knowing that I won’t see some of those faces again :( 81 more words


What is wanderlust anyways?

I see people using the word wanderlust a lot. They get it tattooed and write it everywhere and talk about it on the internet, but… 468 more words


City of Love and Hate


Sorry this has taken so long, this past week has been a whirl of excitement and stress with papers and travel.

On Thursday, my mom came to Oxford. 1,710 more words

#2010 (June): London Town

It had been 3 years since I left London as a student and I had always wanted to go back to roam the streets of London town with a different perspective (and a new cashflow, now that I am working) and to my delight, Dodo wanted to take me back to London to get to know the London through my eyes – London that I knew, loved and missed dearly. 167 more words

Travelling Feet

Carrying Money On Your Travels

Money, a seemingly large factor of a new adventure for you. Need not cringe because once you’re past paying for that flight and hassling with booking a sketchy hotel, you’re on to finding the best options to safely storing it! 711 more words


Two Weeks, Too Short

In exactly two weeks I will be leaving the Chicago airport heading over to the country of my dreams (with one pit stop in the middle, London). 402 more words

Imparting My Knowledge


So I have been asked a lot of questions about the teaching abroad process. I figure I should put my knowledge into one post. 663 more words