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My leave of absence to live life!

Hmmm, maybe an inappropriate title for this particular post because is surmises the content of this entire entry! LOL!

I was so challenged by my past boastful posts about how easy it was to conjure up great abs after child birth that I decided to push the theory to another level! 245 more words

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How To Get Strong Abs Without Doing A Single Sit-Up

You don’t really want to do a hundredth sit-up, do you? They’re one of those exercises you can do for ages — often without dramatic results. 31 more words


Another Article about why Women Should Lift Weights

While there are a ton of articles about this topic already, THERE AREN’T ENOUGH. Until Tracy Anderson stops being relevant and I cease to hear the word “bulky” outside of Costco, the world needs more writing about women and weights. 624 more words


gym gym gym

Went to the gym today after work, but my legs and actually my whole body was so tired and sore after my run yesterday and a long work week so I took it really easy. 73 more words


I'm Finally Losing Some Weight!

Today I weighed in and I couldn’t believe the numbers I saw! I weighed in 210.6 lbs!!!! Yes honey, YES! 4.2 lbs DOWN in a few days. 323 more words

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