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Entering a gym for the first time can be terrifying!

The thought of starting to lift weights can be a nightmare.

You walk into the gym, take one look at the machine and free weight section and……head for the nearest cross-trainer or treadmill, and who could blame you? 564 more words


Quick, Simple, Core

It’s all about multitasking! Here is a simple core move you can do while playing with your baby during a commercial break. (Yeah, I know we said our babies weren’t going to watch tv until they were two, but we aren’t perfect.) 11 more words


15 Minute Workout: Get a Flat-Belly Yoga Body

In general, yoga is full of core-strengthening moves, but these stomach toners take top honors. They challenge your balance and stability and force your obliques, hip flexors, and even glutes to team up, helping you sculpt a seriously strong (and sexy) midsection. 7 more words


Motivation Slump :(

Hello everyone .
I am currently in week 7 actually week 8 as I decided to skip the hell week completely .
Once I came to hell week I saw the workouts and routines and It just seemed impossible . 217 more words


Deadlift Day

The main emphasis for my workout today was deadlifts, one of my favorite exercises. I woke up feeling a little groggy this morning, but after a shooting some hoops I was awake, warmed-up, and ready to go. 94 more words


Healthy Lunch...

This was my lunch today, I made the dip using Quark, it is soft, unsalted curd cheese and is extremely low in fat thus making it the healthiest dip! 85 more words

Instantly Reduce Belly Fat!

Belly fat got you down? Try standing up tall, bringing your belly button to your back bone, and looking straight ahead. Poor posture can make almost anyone look like they have more belly fat than they really do. 69 more words

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