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Screaming and Swearing (because I have nothing left)

I fucking hate this.
This unending game of waiting
for something to happen. I
fucking hate you
for not answering me,
for dismissing me
because it was easier for you. 229 more words


Noble Form

I live upon this wretched solitary cliff

Like a bird of sorrow that shuns green

Branches and clear water: and withdraw

From my worldly loves, and my very self, 94 more words


Missing Light

I got fear in the absence
In a shadow I didn’t know I stepped in
from the sliver cast
by a light post’s ghost
I forgot to jump over. 11 more words



Today has been pretty uneventful. i noticed today that the time in between seeing Master and starting to miss Him is getting smaller and smaller. W/we try to see each other at least once a week, but that is beginning to seem like it isn’t near enough time. 101 more words

Reason For Absence

I apologise for not posting this week. I have managed to get myself a bit distracted. Apart from running after a 6 month old who is working out how to move around the floor… apart from trying to keep an 8 year old busy during school holidays which are actually sunny… apart from trying to keep our cat in and the neighbours cat out… apart from that I have got myself distracted from this blog by trying to get my new little book finished and up and for sale on kindle. 95 more words

/!\ absence de deux semaines.


Je pars demmain en vacances à la mer, donc ça m’étonnerai fortement que je puisse finir mes articles pour ce soir. Je ne serai pas présente pendant une semaine car pas d’internet, et la semaine suivante je serai chez mes grands-parents, je pense plus profiter qu’écrire des articles à l’intérieur alors que la piscine m’attends! 117 more words

IV. Autres Articles


I keep finding myself thinking crazy things, doing even crazier. Like writing you a letter which doesn’t sound that bad until I get the bundle of sizzling hot words trapped onto the page where they scream all sorts of straightjacket-talk and I remember that I don’t actually have your address since you moved well Google has it but you would probably think me certifiable if I sent you a letter to an address I shouldn’t have. 131 more words