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What negates?

The figurative darkness of absolute zero, the nothingness within which the material universe of relativity came into existence, is not negation. The rational mind however, since it exists, sees existence as primary and zero as negation. 35 more words


A Billion Degrees Of Separation

It was -3°C when I left for work this morning.  Cold, yes, but far from the coldest place in the country let alone the universe! 130 more words


Laundry and the Pursuit of Absolute Zero

I have been trying to tidy my house since the week before Christmas. I say trying. I have been tidying my house since before Christmas – I do generally tidy my house on a daily basis, just never enough to keep it looking tidy all of the time, or even most of the time. 1,247 more words

Absolute Zero

Monster Absolute Zero - 12-24-2013

This week on… WHAT’S. MORGAN. DRINKING!? The categorically worst named ENERGY drink ever, Monster Energy : ABSOLUTE ZERO. With it’s purple hues and blue lightning, I can only imagine the storm of delightful flavors that are about to penetrate my tastebuds. 79 more words

Once more unto the breach

It is impossible to reduce matter to the temperature of absolute zero (-273.15 degrees centigrade) within the physical universe. Such a reduction would constitute a breach by the absolute into the sphere of intellectual existence and would culminate in the swallowing up  of 13.8 billion years of progressive hydrogen accumulation. 35 more words

Call A Beer : Order - Deliver - Drink - Repeat

Planning a party? Call a beer!

What a relief not having someone go to the grocery, having to wait in those long lines just to buy a pack or two of beer (not to mention ice and cups!) Call a beer makes it easy. 349 more words