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Why seek absolute perfection when even nature is flawed? It is beautiful in what it naturally is.


dilution woes

I had the devil’s own time diluting Tonka Bean Absolute, Cistus Absolute, Labdanum Absolute, Helichrysum Absolute and Mango Ginger CO2.

The picture above shows you the fight we’re still having after a hot water bath. 167 more words


Real, final, absolute: Death in Gaza

Real, final, absolute: Death in Gaza

Nothing can moves you?

There is nothing more real than death.
Nothing more, true, than death.
It’s absolute. It’s final. 285 more words


Melt Your Man's Heart - 75% Commish - An Absolute Conversion Machine

A few email marketing products I can recommend:
Melt Your Man’s Heart – 75% Commish – An Absolute Conversion Machine
3 Powerful Upsells That Skyrocket Commissions. 17 more words

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Glossybox July First Impressions

Hello beauties! Well, it felt like I was the last to receive my box this month! Looking at all your boxes was making me super jealous! 661 more words

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Talks with a master

This post is an extract of one talk between some seekers of knowledge and Antonio Blay, a Spanish master. Blay has not been translated to other languages, he didn’t travel to other countries, and he didn’t establish schools nor ashrams, unlike many oriental masters. 1,042 more words

Self Realization

Options Absolute Fuel High Energy Fat Burner

Fuel pump is one of the most important components in a vehicle’s fuel delivery system. If it is doing well, fuel delivery system functions normally. But, once the fuel pump fails, the car engine ceases to run. 300 more words